Toys aren’t just for kids – they can also make our lives easier.

If you’ve spent a summer in Japan before, you’ll know that the heat and humidity can be unbearable at times. That’s probably why Japanese people think of so many ways to make it even slightly more comfortable, whether that be with a mist-spraying Fanbrella or “green” curtains for your windows.

Twitter user @taiju3xc found one way to beat the Japanese summer heat using a can of chuhai, (a Japanese alcoholic mixed drink) a couple of battery-operated toy trains, and a bowl of ice.

▼ Thomas feels no exhaustion. We’re not sure about Annie, though.

Yes, you’re seeing Thomas the Tank Engine and Annie the Coach team up together to rotate a can of chuhai. Not only does it keep the beverage icy cold on all sides, but it also provides a source of visual entertainment. We could probably do without the screeching noise in the background, though…

Of course, one of the best things about these viral videos is the comments from viewers. Along with claps of appreciation, we also noticed a lot of jokes.

“Thomas is like, ‘Help me…help me…'”
“My family could probably use our Percy toy like this!”
“The best part about this is that the can doesn’t turn too fast or too slowly. It’s perfect.”
“Good idea!”
“I wonder if you could use this technique to make homemade ice cream.”

Several users pointed out the expression of Annie the Coach.

▼ “Even this train car is surprised by what Thomas is doing.”

We can only hope that the intense summer heat doesn’t melt poor Thomas and Annie in the process.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@taiju3xc

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