Final Fantasy’s bustiest character makes her Dissidia NT debut.

Earlier this month, video game developer Square Enix released the latest trailer for the Final Fantasy VII remake, in which we finally got to see the updated version of martial artist country girl Tifa. But while Tifa’s reveal was a big moment, several fans couldn’t help noticing that her chest seemed quite a bit smaller than it was in the original Final Fantasy VII from 1997.

Final Fantasy VII Remake director and character designer Tetsuya Nomura has since said that Square Enix’s ethics department has decreed that Tifa’s chest needs to be “constricted” in the remake, but apparently such constraints aren’t being placed upon the character in arcade fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy and its home-console version Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

▼ Tifa in Dissidia Final Fantasy/Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

This week, it was announced that Tifa will be joining the game’s periodically updated roster, and the preview video shows her in her original Final Fantasy VII outfit, which lacks the black undershirt she sports in Remake. Applying real-world logic would suggest that would leave her chest less constricted, and Dissidia Final Fantasy director Takeo Kujiraoka is insinuating that that will be reflected in the game’s animation, telling Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu:

“I won’t say what ‘they’ are, but ‘they’ will bounce.”

It’s technically possible Kujiraoka was referring to Tifa’s earrings, but if that were the case, there’s really no reason for him to phrase the promise so coyly, and Tifa does appear quite a bit bustier in her Dissidia guise than she does in Remake.

▼ Another visual throwback to the original Final Fantasy VII: The slot machine reels that spin when Tifa does her limit break attack.

Kujiragaoka hasn’t commented on why his game is seemigly being allowed more freedom in how it swings and sways than Remake is. It could have something to do with Dissidia being developed by Koei Tecmo’s Team Ninja, while Remake is being produced in-house by Square Enix, but Square Enix is also the publisher for Dissidia, and so theoretically the Square Enix ethics department should have plenty of clout regarding either game’s content. Whatever the reason, though, Tifa will be bouncing into Dissidia Final Fantasy on June 27, and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT on July 3.

Source: Famitsu via Otakomu
Images: YouTube/スクウェア・エニックス
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