Pictures suggest the app is maybe a little too good at helping guys find girls they like.

When it comes to marketing a dating app, it’s really all about the results. If your service is specifically supposed to help people find a romantic partner, there’s no better endorsement than showing off the happy guys and girls who met thanks to it. So it’s understandable that Japanese dating app Tapple wants to put images of freshly minted couples front-and-center in its promotional images, in order to show how well the app works.

▼ Tapple promotional video

However, judging from a pair of photos shared by Twitter user @1996kobee, maybe Tapple works little too well?

In the photo on the left, we see a couple being interviewed, and the woman is being asked “What do you like about your boyfriend?” “We have the same preferences in alcohol and music,” she replies, conjuring images of the two happily bobbing their heads while sipping sophisticated spirits.

Meanwhile, on the right, we see another woman being asked the same question about her boyfriend and giving the exact same answer, which maybe shouldn’t be such a surprise since her boyfriend is the exact same guy!

“He’s cheating LOL” deduced @1996kobee, and several other commenters came to the same conclusion.

“He’s wearing the same clothes, so it looks like he’s going out with both girls on the same day.”
“Looks like it’s even in the same afternoon. That’s some high-concentration cheating.”
“Come to think of it, he’s smiling, but he looks really tense and tired.”
“Well, this just shows how effective the app is.”
“’Ba- baby, that’s not me. It’s my twin brother’ (^-^;.”
“Well, at least the two girls can probably be friends [since they have the same hobbies] once they break up with the guy.”

However, the mystery of the suspected two-timer goes deeper still. Look closely at @1996kobee’s tweet, and you’ll see that the supposed images were originally tweeted by the Twitter account @tapple_pr2. But while that account does indeed exist, was created in March 2017, and claims to be a PR account for Tapple, it currently has no posted tweets, Meanwhile, a separate account, @tapple_official, bills itself as the service’s official Twitter account, regularly posts, and has roughly 10,000 followers, compared to @tapple_pr2 518. Oh, and complicating things even further is that Tapple has at least two more active, official Twitter accounts, @tapple_report and @tapple_column.

▼ Tapple’s stance on multiple girlfriends is hazy, but it’s A-OK with multiple Twitter accounts.

Still, there are only a couple of possible explanations. If the pictures are indeed legit, either one Tapple user has worked the system well enough to find two girlfriends, or Tapple is simply reusing male models that it’s inserting into its ads who’re pretending to be satisfied customers. On the other hand, if @1996kobee has doctored the photos and duplicated the man, perhaps he’s simply out to sow seeds of doubt in the mind of whichever girl is the guy’s real girlfriend, perhaps so that @1996kobee can swoop in and catch her on the rebound.

Source: Twitter/@1996kobee via Hachima Kiko
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