Princess dresses, colorful dresses, short dresses…you’ll definitely find something to suit your style from her collections!

Japan is known for its unique fashion trends, many of them originating in Tokyo’s fashionable Harajuku neighborhood. Ganguro, gyaru, visual kei, and schoolgirl fashion are just some of the styles that have become iconic. Oh, and of course, who could forget the hyper-feminine, super-adorable lolita style?

Lolita may be, in fact, one of the most successful forms of fashion that originated in Japan, as it has gained popularity not only in Japan but throughout the world. The style, which focuses on creating a cute, girlish look that makes use of tons of lace, flowers, ruffles, and ribbons, is also a very popular aesthetic among young Japanese women, which is why fashion designer Hiroko Tokumine’s Lolita Wedding Collection is so popular.

Hiroko Tokumine, herself a life-long fan of fairy tales, Disney princesses, and the iconic shojo manga The Rose of Versailles, is known in lolita circles for her beautiful wedding dresses. As a child she wore clothes inspired by porcelain dolls and princesses, and as she got older and entered university, that preference translated into an interest in lolita fashion and design. She started her wedding dress line after graduating, and now makes each of her dresses by hand in her private studio, where she also offers them for rent and sale.

The main theme of her dresses is “Kawaii and Elegant”, with designs that are not only cute and feminine, but also beautiful and refined. All of the silks and fabrics used in the dresses are made in Japan, with Swarovski jewel accessories, so you’re guaranteed to get a luxurious and high-quality product.

▼ Click through to see the dress from the front

The dresses come in varying lengths, from knee-length down to the ankles. The ones with long skirts seem to focus on elegance rather than cuteness, as they have long, flowing skirts which are often accompanied with extra-long lace trains. The preferred style of these dresses is the ballgown style, which has big, poofy skirts that start high above the hips.

Possibly some of the most popular of Tokumine’s full-length dresses are the Disney Princess-inspired dresses, which include dresses based off of Belle and Cinderella’s ballgowns, in yellow or blue, respectively. Both of them are gorgeous and perfect for any Disney fan’s wedding!

▼ And so flowy, too!

Among Tokumine’s other dresses are those with mid-length skirts that go down to just below the knees. These are slightly more girlish, giving us a glimpse of the bride’s shoes and stocking-covered calves. They also have wide skirts that remind us of the poodle skirts from the 1950s. Very cute, and super stylish!

Of course, there are also short skirts, which are arguably the most girlish and are much more on the cute side than the elegant long dresses. But they aren’t mini skirts! These skirts fall just at or above the knees and no higher; conservatism is the name of the game in lolita.

In fact, you’ll notice that there are also no plunging necklines or open backs, and each of the dresses have sleeves. This is common in lolita fashion; after all, the goal is to look cute and feminine, but in a girlish way, not a sexy way. Naturally, though, even if the styles are youthful, there is no shortage of elegance in each dress!

These days, it’s also becoming fashionable to wear a wedding dress that isn’t white, and Tokumine has supplied those too. In addition to the Disney Princess dresses, there are a few that come in varying degrees of pink or blue, although they tend to be of the shorter variety.

Whatever your preference for length and color, if you’re a fan of the lolita style and you’re getting married soon, you’ll want to take a look at Tokumine’s online catalogue and see if you can’t buy or rent one of her gorgeous dresses. The cost of renting a one-piece dress starts at 200,000 yen (about US$1,840), although if you just want a top or bottom it’s only half that price. To buy a full dress, however, you’ll be spending probably between one and two million yen ($10,000 to $20,000), so make sure you’ve saved up!

▼ A dress designed in the style of Princess Diana’s wedding dress (click on the arrow to compare)

If you just want to look or you’re not sure if you’re willing to commit yet, Hiroko Tokumine will be hosting her 2019 Collection Show in Makuhari, Chiba, just outside of Tokyo, on October 26. The show will feature her latest designs as well as her current full collection, so fans of lolita fashion will not want to miss it! There will be two types of tickets for sale: a general admission ticket, which is 25,000 yen; and a premium ticket for 50,000 yen, which includes a front row seat, a special gift, first access to the sale booth and orders of new products, and a welcome drink. Tickets are by lottery only, so sign up here to try to get yours!

And if you decide to buy one of her fabulous dresses and have a wonderful lolita wedding, you can continue the theme of your lolita marriage if you choose to have children with these fashionable and adorable lolita maternity dresses. Who says you have to sacrifice your personal style when you get married and become a mom?

Source: @Press, Hiroko Tokumine
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