Lolita fashion

Japan’s gothic lolita fashion rental shop gives our reporter her first taste of lolita life【Pics】

Dozens of options and delivery to your door lower the entry barrier for first-timers.

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Love lolita fashion? Get the wedding dress of your dreams from Japanese designer Hiroko Tokumine

Princess dresses, colorful dresses, short dresses…you’ll definitely find something to suit your style from her collections!

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Aspiring Canadian cosplayer living in Tokyo arrested for immigration fraud sham marriage

Approached Japanese man she met at cosplay event and offered to pay him to be her husband for visa purposes.

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Japan’s Lolita maternity wear lets you keep looking girlish even when expecting kids of your own

Getting ready to add a new member to your family doesn’t mean you have to ditch the fashionable frills.

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Japanese Twitter celebrates new “Muslim Lolita fashion” trend 【Pics】

Japanese culture has spread throughout the world with food, anime, video games, and more. But one region that hasn’t taken in as much of what Japan has to offer as the rest of the world is the Middle East and other Muslim countries.

Until now. Pictures of young Muslim women incorporating Japanese Lolita fashion with their traditional hijab head scarves have been exploding in popularity online. Could this start a new trend toward Muslim idol groups and cosplay conventions?

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We’ve seen the Japanese side of the internet praise a lot of girls from different countries for their beauty. There’s been online idols from China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and of course plenty in Japan. But one country that has been conspicuously absent is Korea.

Until now. Internet, say hello to the latest girl who’s been melting Japanese hearts online: Yurisa from Korea. Oh, and did we mention she’s a giant otaku too?

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Frills and poofy dresses galore at an international lolita fashion tea party in Tokyo

Is there a place for tea parties and frilly dresses for women in the 21st century? The answer is a resounding yes from these lolita fashion ladies!

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Real China dolls! Lolita fashion turns Chinese in a fusion of East meets East【Photos】

Lolita fashion is one of Japan’s most famous cultural phenomena. And lolita style, characterised by intricate, lace-adorned dresses and a doll-like look, has an off-shoot sub-genre for almost every day of the year. There’s gothic lolita, punk lolita, ‘sweet’, classic, princess, even pirate…and coming full circle, “Japanese-style” wa lolita, which incorporates elements of traditional Japanese dress such as kimono fabric, long sleeves and obi sashes.

But what happens when you mix lolita with Chinese cheongsam dresses? You get ‘qi lolita‘, a sub-genre which looks not to Japan or Europe, but to China, for its inspiration. It’s bold, different, and seriously cute.

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The true identity of these sweet Lolita twins might blow your mind【Photos】

Trust your mum when she tells you not to place too much trust in what you see on the Internet. Especially when it comes to photos of cute girls. Who knows, she may be a beautiful boy. Or even, a middle-aged man.

Do you see where this is going yet? Surprise surprise, these sweet-looking Lolita twins are in fact a middle-aged Japanese man in disguise (both are played by the same man), and that’s not all he has up his sleeve! More pictures after the jump!

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First Year Lolita Studies: Sewing, patterning, and cute!

The Japan Lolita Association, presided over by an official “Kawaii (cute) Ambassador,” was only established this February—but they’ve wasted no time spreading cuteness, both nationally and internationally. In addition to opening member registration world-wide, this April saw them going one step further with the creation of a unique two-year technical college course.

That’s right, now you can get your credentials in cuteness!

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Disconcerting news from the world of Japanese fashion: adherents to the cutesy subculture of Lolita fashion are organizing themselves into an official group. Their target: the whole world.  Read More