A touching story made using a few pencils, paper, and a sprinkling of ingenuity.

Drawing on his knack for motion manga, talented Japanese artist @shin___geki blew our minds a couple of years ago when he made amazing moving art depicting a supercharged confrontation between Goku and Vegeta.

Now the brilliant artist is making waves on the Internet with his new storytelling tool, which features a cool mini cinema screen made up of manga he drew, animated by pencils that serve as reels. The heartwarming story shown is about an old woman caring for her husband who suffers from dementia.

▼ This will hit you right in the feels.

Tending to her husband’s needs as best she can, the old woman dozes off and night falls. Upon waking up, she sees his younger self for a brief moment before fireworks light up the sky, bringing back memories of when the couple had their first date at a Japanese festival. Although the years have passed and the husband’s health has declined, their love for each other burns as brightly as when they first met.

▼ Here’s how the mini-theater looks like from the rear.

The artist’s short but emotional art brought tears to Japanese netizens’ eyes:

“Isn’t this wonderful? It made me cry.”
“What a fantastic story.”
“A masterpiece.”
“I watched this so many times.”
“I ruined my makeup crying over this.”

We have to hand it to @shin___geki for such a marvelous story told using a few simple tools in a way that really speaks to our hearts. Although fans know him as the paper cup manga artist, this awesome project about love proves he also has the talent to make it on the mini screen too.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@shin___geki
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