Don’t try this trick at home!

Summer in Japan is hot. People here have a lot of interesting ways to beat the heat, ranging from wearing arm-length gloves to growing gardens on their windows, but one time-tested and true way to stay cool is by indulging in some ice cream.

However, you’ll probably want to avoid eating it like Japanese YouTuber Bakushokuo Wattan (“Explosive-Eating-King Wattan”).

He recently posted a video of himself eating an entire Garigari-kun, a Japanese popsicle, in one single bite. However, with such incredible speed comes some incredible drawbacks.


Even though brain freezes are painful, they’re mercifully short and have been shown not to cause any long-term damage. However, consuming any sort of food that quickly brings with it a choking hazard, so we highly recommend not trying to beat his record of three seconds.

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to the speedy eating:

“He looks like one of those guys in Fist of the North Star whose head is about to burst.”
“I had the same reaction when I ate a mochi my four-year-old made for me yesterday.”
“Wow. What an amazing yet useless superpower.”
“Just watching that gave me brain freeze.”
“Now eat six of them at once!”

Or, how about instead of eating six popsicles at once, we all just take a nice, relaxing break under our cool fanbrellas instead?

Source: YouTube/爆食王わったん via Hachima Kiko