Real-life Team Rocket? Pokémon popsicle fraud gets man arrested in Japan

Saitama Prefectural Police foil underhanded method to catch ‘em all.

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Garigari-kun ice pops accepting new flavor suggestions, could “cheese beef” and “ramen” win?

One things is for certain, nothing is too bold for this company.

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Garigari-kun popsicle teams up with new Pokémon film for a refreshing summertime treat

Lucky buyers will also score the chance to win a limited-edition collectible Pokémon trading card.

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Garigari-kun releases new tamagoyaki Japanese egg omelette flavoured popsicle

Designed to be enjoyed with a dollop of soy sauce or tomato ketchup.

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Japan’s greatest papercraft artist tackles popsicle boxes, makes an icy cool superhero

Garigari-kun, engage!

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Japanese man eats Garigari-kun popsicle in one bite, gets immediate, explosive brain freeze【Video】

Don’t try this trick at home!

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Pokémon ice creams appear in Japan ahead of Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution movie

Gari Gari kun now comes in a special Pikachu variety for a limited time.

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Japanese Twitter comes up with ingenious new way to eat popsicles, so we tried it out!

No more sticky hands or melted puddles necessary.

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Makers of frozen snack sincerely apologize for a 9-cent price increase

The maker’s of Japan’s famous ice candy Garigari-kun released an ad apologizing for a 9-cent price increase, and I still haven’t heard jack from my insurance company.

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Here are Japan’s favorite ice creams from last month! Vanilla wins by a mile…

Like any other country, Japan loves ice cream. Especially in the summer months, the delicious treat just flies out of the freezers. And thankfully this year, no reports of errant freezer divers have appeared online! Maybe they finally got it out of their system–or at least learned not to post photos on Twitter…

So, which flavor of ice cream is the most popular in Japan? While that’s certainly a question with an amorphous answer, there is one way to come up with a satisfying conclusion: Take a look at ice cream sales!

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We drink Japan’s spaghetti popsicle (seriously)

Don’t worry everybody, we’re fine. We didn’t suffer a stroke halfway through writing this article’s title, and the RocketNews24 offices haven’t been violently seized by half-literate chimpanzees with a penchant for prose (we make a protection payment of a bunch of bananas each week to the simian mafia to prevent just such a thing).

Spaghetti-flavored popsicles really do exist in Japan, though, and we decided to melt one down to see what would happen.

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We get a sneak peak at stew-flavored Garigari-Kun popsicles! Tastes great with rice!

Since a picture was leaked online last week, Japan has been all abuzz with rumors of the latest in the “rich” flavor line up of popular Garigari-kun brand popsicles. Their previous corn potage flavor was deemed a rousing success and now it appeared they were topping themselves this with a potato stew version.

The good news is a release date has been set for 29 October. The even better news is that we already got to take some Garigari-kun Potato Stew bars for a test taste at a presentation in Tokyo two weeks early!

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