Why stick to boring old BB guns and water guns?

From cat bottle cap gacha toys to a pregnant doll with a detachable belly, we love finding weird and wonderful toys, and our Japanese-language reporters love reviewing them.

So when our Japanese-language reporter Daiki Nishimoto heard about a toy that hailed from overseas, he couldn’t wait to try it out. The toy is actually a gun that shoots out wet toilet paper in place of actual bullets, and it’s called the Toilet Paper Blaster. It may look familiar to our overseas readers, but for Daiki, this was something he’d never seen before, and he had plenty of toilet rolls on hand to try it out for a firsthand review.

▼ Wasteful? Yes. Irresistible? Definitely.

Looking at the box, Daiki could see that the packaging itself was entertaining, giving potential buyers all the information they could ever want or need to know about the Toilet Paper Blaster before actually purchasing it. There was a blurb describing how the toy works, as the water pump wets and dissolves the toilet paper into a globby mass, and then uses air to compress and shoot it out.

▼ Now that’s some “High pressure Shoot Technology.”

Along with claiming that the bullets won’t hurt people if you shoot them, the box also claims that the ammo can shoot as far as 9 meters (29.5 feet), so it’s perfect for pranking or scaring your enemies from afar.

▼ See that creepy dude checking you out across the street? Toilet Paper Blasted.

Just one roll of toilet paper will give you up to 650 toilet paper “bullets.” “Who even needs that many bullets?” Daiki asked himself.

▼ And yes, bullets do vary depending on whether the toilet paper is a single or double roll.

Perhaps the most useful information on the box was this testimony from an actual Toilet Paper Blaster user. He certainly looks convincing holding a roll of actual toilet paper.

“As long as you have the Toilet Paper Blaster, some toilet paper, and some water, you’re bound to have an awesome experience.”

Thanks for the advice, Blaster Boy. It was just what Daiki needed to know. Burning with curiosity, he wasted no time in opening the box and witnessing the Toilet Paper Blaster with his own eyes.

▼ Don’t worry, it comes with an instruction manual.

Daiki read through the instruction manual, and the end result was this.

▼ Ah, yes. It’s starting to make more sense.

He loaded up the toilet paper…

▼ He chose a single roll for his test shoot, in case you’re wondering.

On the Toilet Paper Blaster’s official website, there are a couple of original target templates. He printed out a couple and stuck one on the wall.

▼ Haha. More toilet humor.

And now, the moment of truth. Daiki prepared himself for his first test shoot. Toilet paper, water, and his finger on the trigger – everything was in place.

▼ Just look how prepared he is.

▼ He squeezed the trigger, and…

▼ There it goes!

He was surprised that it actually worked.

▼ And it was pretty exhilarating, too!

Upon first shoot, Daiki noticed two drawbacks. One: the toilet paper bullets were much messier and wetter than he thought they would be. Two: maybe he should have laminated the paper target before getting it wet and thereby ruining it.

▼ It looks a little like…phlegm?

Even though the packaging for the toy claims that the toilet paper “bullets” don’t hurt, they shoot out at a force that would probably at least sting a little were you to shoot someone directly.

▼ He may have tested it out a few more times at the wall…

▼ …and obviously enjoyed it.

All in all, Daiki definitely recommends this as a somewhat non-traditional way to have fun shooting things. Besides being fun, we wonder how effective it would be at scaring off yakuza members

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