If you’re old enough to be a Mazinger Z fan, you’re old enough to do what you want with your man parts.

Tenga, makers of Japan’s most popular line of masturbatory aids, has a surprisingly lighthearted approach to its marketing…but then again, maybe it shouldn’t be so surprising that a company that’s all about self-pleasuring is also into having fun.

That attitude has given us not only clever sales strategies like Tenga vending machines and bikini dancer delivery teams, but also forays into clear sleeping bags and Tenga-themed rice condiments. Now Tenga is branching out again bu joining forces with two of the all-time legends in anime robots: Mazinger Z and Getter Robo.

First up is Mazinger Tenga Robo, paying homage to legendary manga/anime creator Go Nagai’s best-known giant robot series, Mazinger Z, which debuted in 1972, the same year as Nagai’s Devilman and one year before he began Cutey Honey.

However, even though Mazinger Z is recognized as the first anime series in which the robot was controlled by a pilot in a cockpit, you’re not supposed to put your cock in Mazinger Tenga Robo. Yes, in untransformed form it does look a lot like Tenga’s famous male life force receptacles, but this is actually a figure intended for decoration (unlike the totally unintended Tenga flower vase one Japanese senior used to honor his late wife).

Of course, an anime robot figure needs accessories, and Mazinger Tenga Robo comes with a Jet Scrander, as the anime’s flight-enabling wings and rocket booster are called. In another natural move for anime merch, there’s also a limited-edition deluxe set, which sweetens the deal by throwing in a Rocket Punch robo fist.

If you’ve instead got a soft spot/hard-on for Nagai’s 1974 series Getter Robo, you can opt for Getter Tenga Robo.

Like Mazinger Tenga Robo, Getter Tenga Robo stands 20 centimeters (7.9 inches) tall. Accessories this time are the jaunty Getter Wing cape and a pair of Getter Tomahawks.

▼ It’s a bold move to create a product that simultaneously gets people thinking about penises and sharp, heavy slicing instruments.

▼ Mazinger Tenga Robo and Getter Tenga Robo join hands with the standard, non-collaboration Tenga Robo.

Both Mazinger Tenga Robo and Getter Tenga Robo are priced at 4,500 yen (US$42), while you’ll need to blow a little more of your wad of extra cash for the Rocket Punch Mazinger Tenga Robo set, which costs 6,400 yen. All can be ordered online directly from Tenga here, with shipping scheduled for February.

Source: Tenga via Japaaan
Top image: Tenga
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