A sleeping bag that offers no privacy from a company that makes products for when you’re all alone.

As shown by the unabashed way in which Tenga markets its products, the company doesn’t feel like self-pleasuring is anything that people need to feel embarrassed about. However, it’s a little startling to see that pro-transparency attitude applied in a literal sense.

Last summer, Tenga released its Spinner model, which is essentially a clear sheath for the user to slip his manhood into, Now, though, the company has produced the first Tenga-brand sleeping bag, and just like the Spinner, it’s entirely clear.

The idea seems to have been born from the fact that the Japanese words ireru (“insert”) and haireru (“enter”) are both written identically in Japanese, 入れる, and so Tenga decided that after years of making things for customers to stick their junk into, it was time to make an enclosed space for their entire body.

▼ The sleeping bag is an inflatable design, making it a little like an air mattress.

▼ The Tenga Spinner, the inspiration for the Tenga Sleeping Bag

Despite its visual similarities to Tenga’s signature products, the company doesn’t seem to be suggesting that you use the sleeping bag as a full-body masturbatory aid, especially since it would probably be incredibly difficult to clean. Instead, it seems to be just a unique novelty item, one which allows you to imagine your entire being as a large penis, apparently.

▼ Though as a unisex design, the sleeping bag can be used be women too, of course.

However, even if this sounds like just the sort of very specific sleeping arrangement you’ve been looking for, the Tenga sleeping bag is not available for retail purchase. Instead, it’s being given away to three fans who retweeted the following promotional tweet from Tenga’s official account.

Unfortunately, the campaign has already concluded (with the company promising speedy delivery in time for Japan’s upcoming Golden Week holiday), but don’t worry, it’s probably only a matter of time until Tenga comes up with another unique way to spread its love of self-love.

Source: Tenga via IT Media
Top image: Tenga
Insert images: Tenga, YouTube/TENGA Channel
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