Purrhaps you are feeling sleepy? How about nyow?

Japanese people should get more sleep, and that’s a fact. Long hours at the office means your average Japanese worker is sleeping less on average, and also taking longer to settle down and snuggle into sleep.

“How can we make that journey into dreamland smoother?!” Japanese scientists cry, wringing their hands in frustration at whiteboards filled with images of happily napping individuals. How can it be done?!

Well, there are already some services stepping up to the plate: Pokémon Sleep promises to lull you into slumber with all the ease of a Drowzee equipped with Hypnosis. But speaking of hypnosis, we’ve uncovered our own soporific secret technique for inducing instant sleepiness, and the only thing you’ll need is a computer screen and less than 30 seconds.

▼ This is Kuroro the kitten.
(Translation below)

“Kororo learned the art of hypnotism!
And it looks like it’s effective even on the user…
Good night!”

As Kuroro clasps his wriggling tail with his tiny paws, it wiggles back and forth, back and forth… so slowly, so soothing. His owner even kindly included subtitles reading “you are getting sleepy… veeery sleepy…” before Kuroro starts to squint from full-on sleepies, and even his twitching tail begins to slow down.

Then a cheery “good night!” spreads across the video and it ends, but not before imbuing its viewer with a sense of utmost inner calm and a desire to find a big fluffy bed to curl up inside.

▼ Almost as soothing as watching Kuroro hypnotize himself is watching him get petted while watching TV.

▼ Or just lounging around.

▼ Or watching his slow, languid movements as he watches this circulation fan do its business.

Commenters were big fans of Kuroro’s impromptu hypnotism show, and hastened to compliment his burgeoning talent.

“It worked on me while I was watching it.”
“So talented!”
“Watching this made all my stress just melt away….”
“I feel healed.”

If Kuroro’s skills just aren’t cutting it, queue up some of these other snoozy kitty classics and we’re sure you’ll be catching Zs in no time at all. Sweet dreams!

Source: Twitter/@Yv1aVq via Netlab
Featured image: Twitter/@Yv1aVq

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