We wouldn’t be SoraNews24 if we didn’t push the limits.

Do you love Burger King’s Whopper Jr.? Are you in Japan? Then until October 10, you can take advantage of Burger King Japan’s ongoing sale like we did.

When we heard that these scrumptious patties were half the original price, we just had to get down there and buy 10 – one for each month of the year so far. We were surprised at the sale in the first place, considering the number of Burger Kings disappearing around Japan. We were pretty stoked, to say the least.

We wasted no time in placing our order and setting our prize down on the table. We unwrapped each burger lovingly and beheld the stoic monoliths of 10 Whopper Jrs standing in formation. It was as if all species had disappeared to leave behind only these half-price burgers.

▼ We really like burgers, okay?

After narrating that dramatic scenario among ourselves, we decided it was time to chow down. We savored the familiar fluffiness of the buns and the full, meaty texture of the burgers.

▼ “Itadakima–su!

We munched through one burger, and then another, and then another…and then we were too full to eat any more. Not wanting to waste any food, though, we powered through the pain of what felt like an eternity of beef and bread.

So, why did we get so excited about this deal? Well, this normally would have cost us about 3,600 yen (US$33.65), but at half price, it only cost us 1,800 yen. Despite having a similar sale earlier this year, though, this one was an even greater deal. Why? Two words: tax hike.

▼ Saving money tastes so good.

Recently, Japan raised its consumption tax from 8 percent to 10 percent for many items and take-out foods. We assumed this would apply to Burger King’s Whopper Jr. too, but miraculously, they still have the pre-tax-hike price. We actually ended up saving about 6 yen on each burger.

▼ Truly the king of all sales.

So, go get your Whopper Jr. game on until October 10! The sale also includes medium-size soft drinks. You don’t have to go as hard as we did, but you can certainly try without emptying your wallet.

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