Can you guess all of the types of sushi? (Spoiler: we couldn’t.)

When Ikuna Kamezawa from our editing staff made a trip to Spain, she noticed a candy store that sold products by Chupa Chups. If you’ve been to Japan before, then you’ve probably seen Chupa Chups lollipops everywhere; Japanese people love them so much that they’ve made accessories for them.

That’s when Kamezawa noticed Chupa Chups sells more than just lollipops – a whole lot more. What caught her eye almost immediately was something called “Candy Sushi.”

▼ Appropriately placed next to the advent calendars.

“What? Candy sushi? That’s not right,” Kamezawa thought. Sushi candy would make much more sense, or “candy made to look like sushi,” but “candy sushi” was just outright wrong.

▼ It’s not sushi, and it’s never fun to share candy.

Kamezawa’s curiosity couldn’t be satisfied until she bought it, so buy it she did. 28 pieces, with a total of nine different types of “sushi” awaited her judgment.

▼ All of this mystery for just 3.5 euros (US$3.86).

She had to admit that it did look a bit like sushi from the top, but it was difficult to tell exactly which kind of sushi each piece was supposed to represent. That’s when she realized each kind of sushi was labeled on the back of the package.

▼ Can you guess what each type is? Start keeping score.

The first was this fishy looking piece of candy, which makes sense, since most sushi is made with fish. “Maybe kids would enjoy this more than I would,” Kamezawa thought, turning it over thoughtfully with a fork.

▼ The sushi rice is made with marshmallow. Adorable.

The answer is: “Candy Nigiri.” Of course. How could she not see?

▼ Onto the second one. What do you think it is?

“This looks like a battleship,” Kamezawa thought. That’s not even a sushi, though! However, it was hard for her to see it as anything else. The answer is “Candy Maki,” or wrapped sushi.

▼ Mystery candy sushi number three: this is a tough one.

The bright green and pink-wrapped pieces of sushi looked like futomaki, or larger versions of the “candy maki” to Kamezawa. Wrong! They’re “California rolls.”

▼ If you look closely at the details of these pieces, it should be pretty easy.

The answer is “candy ebi,” or candy shrimp. They’re actually marshmallows.

▼ The last one was easy, but we bet you won’t be able to guess this one.

Kamezawa thought they looked just like snap peas, though she couldn’t figure out what they had to do with sushi. It turns out she was close: they’re “candy edamame.”

▼ The next one is this long, red stick.

“Ginger?” Kamezawa guessed. The correct answer, as you might have realized, is “candy kani,” or crab.

▼ Just two more! Can you guess what this ball of sushi goodness is?

Kamezawa couldn’t see it as anything else than a fried dango, but maybe you can see it for what it really is: “candy ikura,” or roe.

▼ The final one: what on Earth could this be?

This green gummy loaded with black and white specks is supposed to represent “uramaki,” or sushi that has nori seaweed on the inside rather than the outside. Kamezawa had a hard time seeing this, and so did we, to be honest.

▼ Bonus: What do you think these gummy strings represent?

The answer is “koikuchi,” which we’ve guessed to mean soy sauce. That completes our candy sushi set.

▼ What a ride that was.

While we can’t say it reminded us of sushi in any way, we have to admire its artistic beauty. If you had to compare it to anything related to sushi, you could go so far as to call it a plate of “Picasso sushi.”

▼ Here’s the back of the package, for all of you doubters.

How many did you guess correctly? Did you have fun with Kamezawa’s quiz? Though it was a bit perplexing to figure out, Kamezawa admitted it was fun and entertaining to see this representation of Japanese culture in one of Japan’s most beloved international candy brands.

Need to find peace of mind after this mind-boggling quiz? Follow up your candy sushi with a candy zen garden.

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