Whether you want just a graceful gash or a full-on vampire facial makeover, they’re ready to help.

Halloween is coming up soon, and between Japan’s recent embrace of the spooky celebration and its preexisting cosplay culture, a lot of people are looking to transform themselves for a special night this month. To help them, makeup salon chain Atelier Haruka, which has over a dozen locations in Tokyo and others across Japan, is offering a special selection of Halloween makeup plans.

The Full Design package gives your choice of one of four styles. Pierrot is a gothic-inspired clown look, while the whiskered Animal is the cutest of the bunch. Jirai, which translates literally as “landmine,” is a Japanese makeup trend featuring red puffy eyes, as though you’ve just been crying profusely, which should work for a variety of traumatic horror costumes. Finally, Dracula is, naturally, inspired by the classic vampire aesthetic.

With the coronavirus pandemic ongoing, Atelier Haruka is also offering a pair of Halloween-theme face masks, one with a slasher smile and the other feral fangs, as an additional 1,000 yen (US$9.50) option to the 5,900-yen Full Design charge.

If your makeup needs aren’t quite so comprehensive, there’s the 1,500-yen Wound Makeup, which will give you a gruesome gash, and four different 2,900-yen Parts Design Makeup patterns for around your eyes: Spider, Pierrot, Jirai, and Cat.

Atelier Haruka will be offering its Halloween makeup packages until, of course, October 31.

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Source, images: @Press
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