Kitty B. Luffy and Bowwow Chopper.

The primary theme of anime/manga One Piece is friendship. Doesn’t matter how bad things get, Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates are always there for one another.

And since many people consider their pets to be among their most treasured friends, anime merchandiser Bandai thinks your dog or cat should be able to look the part, which is why it’s just announced a new line of One Piece cosplay outfits and toys for dogs and cats.

The items are the newest additions to the Charapeti line, a joint effort between Bandai and Japanese pet supply company Petio. For its initial One Piece offerings, loving owners can choose between the macho pseudo-open-collared Luffy outfit, seen above, or the cuter Chopper costume (available in small or medium sizes and priced at 3,280 yen [US$31]). Both use your pet’s front legs as the character’s legs, so it’ll look like the anime pirates are really running about, with the “arms” being cosmetic accouterments.

▼ Tony Tony Chopper is originally a reindeer, but he looks pretty cute as a dog too.

If you don’t want to go full cosplay, or, alternatively, if you do want to go full cosplay and feel that such status requires source-material authentic headgear, there are also Luffy and Chopper pet hats (1,628 yen).

Naturally, though, the Straw Hat Pets need a ship, which is where the Thousand Sunny pet bed (7,128 yen) comes in.

And it’s also a matter of course that the Straw Hat Pets will want to go looking for treasure, which you can supply in the form of Devil Fruit squeaky balls (1.078 yen) for them to chase and bite, in either Gum-Gum or Flame-Flame style.

▼ Warning: While Bandai doesn’t say biting the Gum-Gum and Flame-Flame Fruit balls will give your pets magical powers like in the anime, it also doesn’t say they won’t, so don’t blame us if they suddenly gains the ability to stretch their limbs or produce an inferno from their paws.

If you’re worried that their swashbuckling attire will have your animal companions filled with so much rambunctious energy that they’ll start tearing up the furniture, you might want to also pick up some Buggy and Bon Clay pet pillows (1,408 yen) to do battle with and/or cuddle.

And finally, when their adventures have them tuckered out, there’s a Straw Hat Pirates flag cat hammock (3,828 yen).

▼ Though you can rest assured your cat will probably also still feel it its God-given right to relax wherever it wants to.

The entire lineup is scheduled to go on sale in late February, at which time it should be available online through the Petio Online Shop. If you need an anime cosplay outfit for your pets right now, though, don’t worry, because the Charapeti line also has Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball costumes that are on sale right now.

Images: Press release