Snacking just became a little easier for some workers thanks to one company.

Some offices in Japan have a ton of cats or ask that Eevee drop by once in a while, but does that cater to your diet and lifestyle? Not always., a Japanese company that creates and sends snacks to offices around Japan, has begun offering gluten-free and vegan options for some of their naturally delicious bites. They cite the growing vegan population and awareness of vegan and gluten-free options (which some attribute to the rise of foreign workers in Japan) as one of the main reasons for offering these alternatives.

Not only are snacks healthy and delicious, they’re also often locally sourced and made with only the simplest ingredients.

▼ For instance, these golden sweet potatoes (or satsumaimo) are dried potatoes from Ibaraki prefecture.

While we’re absolutely not discounting the idea that there is a growing population of Japanese people that are vegan or cutting out gluten from their diet, we do think it’s a great service for companies that have a large number of foreign employees that may or may not have dietary restrictions.

▼ These fried brown rice puffs (brown rice arare) only contain three ingredients: brown rice, vegetable oil, and salt.

And hey, even if you’re not vegan or gluten-free, they’re still an excellent snack for anyone looking to be a little healthier with what they munch on in the office! Many Japanese offices will have snack services from convenience stores or other snack services that offer very few healthy options. offers several plans that offices can choose from, as well as a sample pack. So, if you’re interested in implementing this snack system at your Japanese workplace, try suggesting it! And if that doesn’t work, well, you could passive-aggressively bring in snacks from Japan’s first vegan convenience store everyday until someone notices.

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Sources and images: PR Times

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