Enako shares a preview of her two-months-late/right-on-time Halloween cosplay photo collection.

Every December, Japan sees a flood of Santa cosplay, or “Santacos” as it’s known among fans of the beautiful cosplayers and models who slip on red velvet dresses with fluffy white trim. Sometimes there’s a bit of angel cosplay too, tapping into the “holy night” aspect of Christmas Eve.

But when you’re Japan’s number-one cosplayer, you don’t have to follow seasonal timing trends, and so the ever-popular Enako (@enako_cos on Twitter) has bypassed those yuletide outfits for something with a darker appeal, with her latest shared photos showing her dressed as a succubus.

Showing off her pair of very shapely horns and plenty of skin on her ample pointy ears, Succubus Enako seems to be staring straight into our souls with her dark crimson eyes. The spookiness is entirely intentional, as the shots were taken during the final studio session for her latest photo collection, which is Halloween-themed.


Since it’s now December, you might be thinking Enako is two months late to the Halloween party, but she’s actually ahead of schedule. That’s because the photo collection is going to be offered for sale at cosplay/otaku culture convention Comiket, which is holding its Winter 2019 iteration from December 28 to 31.

▼ The collection will include photos of Enako dressed as a kyonshi/jiangshi/Chinese hopping ghost.

▼ A preview from Enako of some of the other candidate shots

“Once again, I’m working really hard on my photo collection, so please make sure to come see me at Winter Comiket(ง •̀_•́)ง,” Enako tweeted, and considering the mind-blowing size of the crowds she routinely draws at the event, odds are plenty of fans will be heeding the call, and also continuing to make the convention an extremely lucrative couple of days for Japan’s cosplay queen. And alternatively, if you’d like to dabble in some horned cosplay yourself, there’s a company in Japan that can help you do just that.

Source: Twitter/@enako_cos via Otakomu
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