Best of all, this customisation is absolutely free!

Back in 2003, a Starbucks barista in England created a strawberry-flavoured Frappuccino to honour the local tradition of eating strawberries and cream at Wimbledon, and when it debuted in Japan it became so popular it’s been returning as the drink of the summer every year since.

With customers being so familiar with the flavour, though, it can be fun to mix things up with a customisation hack, and we recently discovered one that’s not only delicious, but absolutely free. The tip-off came from an actual Starbucks barista so we knew it would be good, but when we laid eyes on it, we were even more impressed.

▼ Look at those delicious hues!

Because the ingredients in the Frappuccino — strawberry sauce, milk, and whipped cream — are simple to start with, it’s primed for customisation, and all you need for this one is to add chocolate sauce and cocoa powder.

▼ You can add just one shot of each, or ask for extra chocolate sauce and cocoa powder as well, which is what we did.

This customisation allows you to enjoy two different flavours together in one drink, because when you first sip it, you get the beautiful flavour of strawberries. As you drink it, though, the chocolate flavours gradually blend into the body of the Frappuccino, increasing the intensity of chocolate and playfully delivering chocolate and fruit in different strengths.

Every sip made us swoon in delight, and we made a vow to enjoy the strawberry Frappuccino like this every summer.

The Strawberry Cream Frappuccino is priced at 668 yen (US$4.23) for takeout or 680 yen for drink-in, and will be on the menu until 3 September.

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