That’s not how you’re supposed to use the road, dang it!

If you live in a Japanese city you may not need a driving license at all, thanks to the much-lauded public transport system. But if you do need to get behind the wheel, at least you’re in an incredibly safe country. You can rest assured that you’re surrounded by courteous drivers who will respect both you and the rules of the road.


Turns out that Japan is just as prone to incomprehensible drivers as any other place, according to this hair-raising video from Twitter user @__24armn.

▼ Whew! (translation below)

“This is the first time I’ve ever been tailgated from the front…
The car that comes in from the side was previously directly behind my car, in the same lane. I had no idea what they were doing, trying to cut in line ahead of me, and the car ahead was so slow. Then when the other car cut in they sped up unthinkably fast, it was so scary.
It took 30 minutes to drive from Kushikino to the Ichiki toll booth.
We drove at five kilometers per hour (three and a half miles per hour)  the entire time.”

As you can see from the video, the car in front is driving almost impossibly slow so that @__24armn is forced to slow down. After a few moments a silver car emerges to cut ahead of the slow car — which immediately speeds up. Miraculously, nobody crashes.

Commenters pressed the driver for more details, which she happily provided:

“I was driving normally down a two-lane road when it turned into one lane. That car slowed down to five kilometers per hour, and I had to slam on my brakes and lower my speed. After that the driver behind me lowered their window and gestured at me to overtake the slow driver. When the shoulder of the road came up, they tried to pass, only to have the slow car try to hinder them. They maintained that speed even when driving into the tunnel further down the road.”

@__23armn reassured the commenters she had alerted the police and that the slow driver had been arrested, but everyone was quite unnerved from such a display of reckless driving.

“It’s faster to walk at that speed.”
“At least you can use your dashcam video as evidence.”
“I’m just glad the guy was caught.”
“The slow driver’s license is probably toast.”

Take care on the road out there, and make sure to check your driving horoscopes to see what accidents your star sign should look out for!

Source: Twitter/@__24armn via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Pakutaso

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