road safety

Block off your desk with adorable animal road blocks, as seen in Japan’s road construction

In today’s installment of incredibly niche gachapon capsule toys, we coo over these very cute teeny-tiny barricades.

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Heartstopping video shows narrowly averted car crash, absurdly slow driver【Video】

That’s not how you’re supposed to use the road, dang it!

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Honda promotes street safety with tote bags resembling “a police officer hung on your shoulder”

The car manufacturer promotes safer streets with this snappy side-satchel for grade-school students.

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Traffic accidents kill over 300,000 per year in SE Asia, Toyota calls in Taylor Swift to help

For many people around the world, it’s an automatic reaction to buckle up whenever you get into a vehicle. However there are still many countries where, despite having the laws in place, there isn’t much of an awareness of the tragic consequences failing to strap yourself in can have…that’s where Taylor Swift comes in.

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Chinese woman pulled over for breastfeeding her child while riding a moped

In China, the sight of mothers cradling their babies in a rush to get somewhere is not that uncommon. With the pressing demands of modern-day society, many mothers are juggling two or three things at once and it’s hard not to feel anything but admiration for them. But as with anything, there will always be someone who takes a given concept to the extreme.

As you can clearly see from the photo above, one woman thought she could redefine what it means to multitask by breastfeeding her child while riding a moped down a busy street. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before the news made its way onto YouTube and consequences arose.

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Start your engines! The traffic light in China that gives drivers just one second to move

Drivers in China are being left completely dumbfounded as to how to navigate a busy junction without violating the law or getting themselves killed. The reason being that a traffic light installed in one town gives them just one second to pull out before turning back to red.

We hope you have a car with a decent engine.

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Japan Gets Tough on Cyclists Violating Traffic Laws. Jail Sentence for Heavy Offenders?

Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office officially announced that it intends to prosecute cyclists who repeatedly violate road traffic laws in Japan. Ignoring a red light or not stopping when necessary may also become subject to penalty, with a three-month jail sentence or a fine of up to 50,000 yen. In addition, riding parallel with other cyclists or failure to make use of one’s light under conditions of poor visibility could carry fines of up to 20,000 yen and 50,000 yen, respectively.

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