Nothing but our hones-tea when it comes to reviewing Starbucks’ latest creations.

While the end of the holidays reminds us that it’s time to get back to the hustle, it also signals the potential of new beginnings, new relationships, and new goals. In the case of Starbucks, it also spells the release of new drinks such as this Hojicha Cream Frappuccino and Latte.

Hojicha is a green tea that’s been roasted, giving it a distinct aroma and flavour that makes it unique from other green teas like sencha and matcha, which are steamed. From donuts to beer, hojicha has been included in many gourmet experiments, and it’s no surprise that Starbucks has long-ago jumped on the hype-train with their first-ever Hojicha Cream Frappuccino with Caramel Sauce back in 2017.

Still, we were excited nonetheless to try out the newest Starbucks concoction with a big catch—the new Hojicha Cream Frappuccino and Latte are available for only one week or until supplies run out.

Given the strict time limit of both drinks, we set out immediately to the nearest Starbucks for a taste-test. At first glance, the Hojicha Cream Frappuccino has a soft cream color. Like its previous hojicha renditions, Starbucks uses an original five-tea roasted blend for the hojicha flavor. With milk, mocha syrup, a generous helping of whipped cream, and an addition of brown sugar, you have all the elements of a standard Frappuccino with a tea-twist. No extra frills or flourishes needed, because if there’s no need to fix what isn’t broken, there’s also no need to add extras to what is already plenty.

▼ A closer look at the Frappuccino. We’re way overdue for something new since pumpkin spice season.

▼ Ever get that feeling when something looks way too beautiful to drink?

Our first sip went down smoothly, and we were surprised by both its velvety texture as well as the refreshing taste of the Hojicha Cream Frappuccino. We could definitely taste the hojicha, but it wasn’t superbly overpowering on the tongue and the brown sugar added a gentle sweetness to our drink. Texture-wise, we do have to note that rather than drinking the Frappuccino, it felt like we could eat it due to it’s ultra thick consistency. Depending on how you want your Frappuccino-consuming experience to go, we’d say it’s a win for both Frappuccino drinkers and Frappuccino eaters alike.

We tried the Hojicha Cream Latte next, which is available in a cold and hot drink option. We opted for the hot drink option and the latte came to us in a tidy mug subtly emblazoned with the Starbucks logo. Paired with a mellow fragrance, the whipped cream mixed with the warm hojicha as we drank it, providing for a splendid texture and a comforting experience. Though it’s wishful thinking on our end, both items were so well-balanced that it wouldn’t be surprising if they were eventually added to Starbucks’ standard menu.

▼ A latte a day keeps the cold away.

Both the Hojicha Cream Frappuccino and Hojicha Cream Latte is available at Starbucks until January 16 or until supplies run out, respectively priced at 570 yen (US$5.21) and 430 yen (US$3.93). For Starbucks connoisseurs who don’t plan on being merciful on their wallets and aim to drink them all, make sure to also grab the red bean warabimochi Frappuccino and latte, both also only available until January 16!

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