A lovely leporine line of FGO passion.

Fate/Grand Order, part of the Fate anime/video game multimedia franchise, is one of the highest-grossing mobile games in the world, and also one of the most popular sources of contemporary cosplay. That’s thanks in no small part to the game’s grab-bag cast of historical figures, reimagined as toned-body anime avatars, but this also presents a bit of a problem for fans.

At just about any cosplay occasion, you can expect Fate/Grand Order to be represented, but you might not see your personal favorite character, since there are so many for cosplayers to choose from. It’s safe to say, though, that fans are well-served by this fan-service photo shoot, which features 17 FGO characters.


As you’ve no doubt noticed, the cosplayers are all dressed in bunny girl outfits and high heels, some of which are reproductions of official FGO artwork from in-game seasonal events, and others original creations paired with the character’s official hairstyling, makeup, and other facial features.

The leporine lineup was the brainchild of Hidena Hoshino (@xuxu0330 on Twitter), who can be seen dressed as Nitocris at the far left of the two top photos in the above tweet. A Japanese office worker and cosplayer currently living in Taipei, Hoshino extended an invitation to Taiwanese cosplayers to join her, eventually resulting in the grandiose group shots.

▼ Some of Hoshino’s other cosplay projects


The bunny girl get-together wasn’t Hoshino’s first FGO team effort, as she also participated in a beachwear-themed Fate photo shoot.

▼ Dressed as FGO’s Sesshoin Kiara. Either those horns are made out of lightweight material, or Hoshino has an incredibly strong neck.


▼ Posing for fans at a cosplay event in Taiwan last month

As for the rest of her bunny brethren, Hoshino has been sending out introduction tweets for the other cosplayers in the group, starting with Newss (@Newsstw) as Ereshkigal


…and Hedy Chuang (@Hedyhoney) as Murasaki Shikibu


…with introductions for the remaining cosplayers still to come.

Source: Twitter/@xuxu0330 via Otakomu
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