If it comes with the message “not an adult product”, how the heck are you supposed to wear it?

Here in Japan, cosplay comes in all shapes and sizes, from beautiful heroines to terrifying ghouls and monsters. One thing they all have in common, though, is handcrafted costumes, with hours of design, sewing, and online shopping required to bring the fantasy characters to life.

Scrolling online for cosplay goods was something cosplayer and Twitter user @08keyt14 was doing recently when they spotted something unusual for sale online. After seeing a photo of a bushy tail being advertised as a cosplay accessory, it immediately caught their eye, but upon closer inspection, the way it needed to be attached proved to be a little daring.

“I thought this was cute, but when I took a closer look at it…what do you do with it? Where are you meant to stick it?”

As the tweet above shows, the photo of the bushy tail on the left does look super cute. And being branded a “cosplay accessory” means it would be perfect for those wanting to dress up as, say, one of the characters from Kemono Friends.

However, looking at the second picture reveals that instead of being attached to a clip or belt, the tail has a stainless steel ball at the end of it. The egg-shaped ball resembles a butt plug but, mysteriously, the Japanese at the bottom of the image says “not an adult product“.

If it’s not an adult product designed to be inserted up the bum, then how the heck is it meant to be worn? This was a quandary that baffled Twitter users, who were quick to poke fun at the ad, offering suggestions for where the tail could be plugged in.

Other Twitter users left comments like:

“Can only be used exclusively by people with a hole in their tailbone.”
“I can’t believe they really think people will believe this isn’t an adult product.”
“Maybe there’s some sort of belt sold separately?”
“I can’t help but wonder if the model is really wearing it…”

Further research shows that the product really does exist, and can be purchased on Amazon, where it’s described as a “cosplay accessory”, an adult toy and an anal plug.

▼ The “products often bought with this item” reveal the truth behind its disguise.

In getting to the bottom of the mystery, it looks like @08keyt14 may have actually found the item on a different shopping site with stricter conditions against the sale of adult goods, which could go some way towards explaining the reason why it was specifically classified as a non-adult product.

Still, branding it as nothing but a “cosplay accessory” is a bit of a risky ruse that could get the seller in trouble if an unwitting minor asked their mum or dad to purchase it for them.

Adults, on the other hand — who are brave enough to take the plunge, both literally and figuratively — might want to add some censored tights to their shopping cart if purchasing the tail. Because now that people know the truth behind the cosplay accessory, photographers who see it in the real world will be aiming their lenses up skirts even more aggressively than they did at Summer Comiket this year.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@08keyt14
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