Kamehamehas of cuteness from a guy who’s actually more muscular than the Dragon Ball hero he’s cosplaying as.

Based just on his name, you’d probably guess that Japanese Twitter user Big Killer (@bigkiller0118) is a pretty intimidating-looking dude. And you’d be absolutely right, as the bodybuilding enthusiast is absolutely ripped.


However, just because he’s turned his body into a mass of rock-hard muscles doesn’t mean he lacks a soft side. Perhaps because of his beefy build, Big Killer has no need for a pet rottweiler, rattlesnake, or other low-masculinity-compensating animal prop. Instead, he’s a happy hamster owner.

But surely those two contrasting passions occupy entirely separate parts of his life, right? Nope, because Big Killer has proven that a macho musculature and cute critters go great together with a supercut of all the times he’s performed a Street Fighter hadouken/Dragon Ball Kamehameha with the help of his animal friend.


Pause the video a couple times, and you’ll see that in addition to a hamster, Big Killer also has a degu, pair of parakeets, and even a turtle, the last of which is an especially apt choice for a kamehameha assist (since kame is the Japanese word for “turtle”).

Of course, maintaining the kind of physique Big Killer has requires a lot of time working out. Even then, though, his pets are nearby, like in this video where they’re relaxing as he busts out dips and does ab work on his exercise rack, all while wearing a Super Saiyan wig and with a Dragon Ball theme song added in for good measure.


▼ And here is flexing to the anime’s iconic “Cha-La Head-Cha-La”


While Big Killer’s pets are usually content to let him be the one supplying the kinetic energy, sometimes they get in on the action too, like when his hamster is presented with a low-level athletic challenge to earn a treat.

▼ Most epic failure ever?


▼ Second time’s the charm!


It’s a rare video series that can make us simultaneously squeal at its adorableness and make us want to go pump some iron, but as Big Killer proves, cute critters and cut muscles don’t have to be an either/or choice in life.

Source: Twitter/@bigkiller0118 via IT Media
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