Mother’s comment turns out to be the best endorsement for strange product.

For many otaku, getting close to their anime idol crush is a dream worth spending big money on. It’s the reason why Japan has life-sized figurines, anime cutouts that serve pee-like sauce from between their legs, and candy that recreates the taste of an indirect kiss.

Because the anime stars who attract the most fame and attention tend to be schoolgirls, a lot of these products are marketed around the JK concept, with “JK” being the term used for “joshi kosei” or “high school girls”.

That’s the case with a new product that’s caused a bit of a stir online recently, and bringing it to everyone’s attention is Twitter user @_HIRAOKA, who shared the following anecdote online.

“My mum was in the passenger seat when she said, “Did you give a ride to a young girl recently?”
When I told her it was this air freshener she said ,”You’re a weirdo.” lol
So that means this air freshener is really good.”

Included with the tweet were two images, showing the air freshener in his car and the box it was sold in.

The writing on the packaging says “The Smell When You Give a Ride to a High School Girl in the Passenger Seat“. According to @_HIRAOKA, the product was purchased at an adult goods store, but other Twitter users found the air freshener available at Amazon Japan for 1,760 yen (US$16.03).

▼ The made-in-Japan product comes from Tama Toys, who brought out a masturbatory aid called “Brainf*cker” last year.

A lot of Japanese commenters couldn’t hide their curiosity over the unusual air freshener, saying:

“Omg I want this!”
“Thanks for this information! I bought it today.”
“I want to buy this but I’m too embarrassed to.”
“Do you think I can put this in my taxi?”
“If I put this in my room will it feel like there’s a girl with me all the time?”

While the exact smell of the air freshener remains a bit of a mystery, some Twitter users mentioned it had a fruity fragrance similar to a young girl’s perfume, which would explain why @_HIORAKA’s mother thought a young woman had been in the car.

That’s a much better fragrance than many had expected, given that Japan has fried chicken that tastes like girls’ feet and girls’ sweat.

Source: Twitter/@_HIRAOKA via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Pakutaso 
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