Now you can apply to have omurice delivered to your door with a side of “moe moe chin”.

There are a lot of hearty comfort foods in Japan that don’t always get the same level of fame and attention as internationally renowned staples like ramen and sushi. However, one beloved Japanese dish is now getting its time in the limelight, thanks to a new campaign by Japanese food processing conglomerate Nippon Ham.

The dish is omurice, which is named after its two main ingredients: omelette and rice. Usually served with a thin layer of omelette covering the rice beneath, wrapped up like a tasty parcel, omurice is a comfort food often cooked at home, but another place where it’s famously served is at Japanese maid cafes.

Not only does its comforting flavour fit in with the whole cutesy, soothing “moe” vibe at these cafes, it’s usually topped with a condiment that allows for some fun interactive play between the maid and their “master” or “mistress”.

▼ Tomato sauce is used to draw an image or message on the omelette, followed by a “moe moe kyun!” incantation with heart hands to spark kawaii happiness.

The combination of maids, moe and omurice is one that Nippon Ham is now using to help sell a new microwaveable omurice called Fukuro no Mama Dekiru Omurice (“Omurice You Can Make in a Bag”). To promote the product, Nippon Ham is offering people the chance to have the microwaveable omurice delivered to their door by a Japanese maid, alongside a new ad featuring cosplayer and gravure model Moe Iori as the delivery maid.

Take a look at the ad below:

In the ad, Iori can be seen travelling from the seaside to famous tourist sites and along city streets, to deliver omurice with a microwave attached to her back like a rucksack.

▼ Forget the omurice, I wanna know where I can get one of these microwave rucksacks.

Instead of using the incantation “moe moe kyun”, Iori says “moe moe chin“, with “chin” being the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of the microwave bell ringing when the meal’s done.

Applications for the Maid Made Omurice delivery service are currently being accepted until midnight on 13 March (Japan Standard Time), with deliveries being made to five lucky people, chosen by random, from 20-22 March. To apply, follow the product’s official Twitter account and fill in this online form with your information (in Japanese only). Applications can only be made by those with a Japanese address.

Even if you don’t get picked as one of the lucky ones for the delivery campaign, you can pick up one of the new microwavable omurice packs at stores around Japan from 20 February for 270 yen (US$2.42). Optional incantations and ear-cleaning by maids not included.

Source: PR Times 
Featured image: PR Times
Insert images: YouTube/NipponhamGroup, PR Times

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