Rather than using edge for Internet comments, use it instead for making thin sandwiches.

When it comes to playing with food, Japan’s carving experts take it to a whole new level. From kimono patterns in fruit to painstakingly creating art out of cucumbers, there’s no shortage of amazing creations made with just a sharp blade and some dexterity.

However, for one Japanese knife professional Oiri, pushing the limits of his knife skills became an attempt at making the world’s thinnest sandwich.

▼ Turn your volume up for that ASMR bread-cutting experience!

While we’re not quite sure what prompted Oiri to begin his stint at thinnest-sandwich-in-the-world maker, there’s no doubt that he has some serious skills looking at how thin the cucumber and tomato slices came out. Like with his previous endeavors, Oiri uses a knife from Osaka-based manufacturer Jikko.

▼ Guess we know who we’re going to when we do our face masks.

Considering that Oiri’s main mission is to promote a sense of interest and appreciation towards the traditional Japanese knife, we’d have to say he was pretty successful with this video. Viewers will definitely come away admiring his dedication to upholding the versatility and charm of the Japanese knife.

▼ For those interested in watching more videos of his work, check out this piece on intricately prepared kamaboko (“fish cake”).

Out of curiosity, we did a quick Google search, and we found there’s still no Guinness World Record for world’s thinnest sandwich.

While nobody knows how ambitious Oiri’s sandwich-making plans are, if he does apply for a Guinness World Record, it’s safe to say he’ll be joining Japan’s ranks of amusing accomplishments, such as the world’s most expensive bento and the world’s longest human chair.

Source, images: Youtube/おいり包丁/oiri_kitchen
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