Previous 500-yen Shiba design also gets a sakura spring makeover.

Unlike the currency of many other countries, you won’t find a lot of politicians or members of past or present monarchies on Japan’s yen. Generally speaking, Japanese banknotes salute individuals who have played a significant role in Japan’s cultural, scientific, or economic spheres.

But what if there were yen bills honoring contributions to another field that’s highly respected in Japanese society: cuteness? That was the idea behind the adorable 500 and 1,000-yen bill Shiba Inu concept designs from artist Ponkichi, and since winning the Internet’s heart with the last fall, he’s now created a new dog-design with an 800-yen Shiba bill.

The 800-yen design shows what looks to be a parent and child lovingly looking at each other before turning to gaze together at the majestic slopes of Mt. Fuji, with what appears to be a stylized rising sun with a pseudo-watermark image of yet another Shiba pup inside it.

Since it’s not legal tender, the 800-yen Shiba bill isn’t being issued by the bank of Japan. Online store FurBaby Space Factory is offering it on a zippered wallet in which you can keep actual yen, however, or whatever cards and currency you use in your part of the world.

▼ Orders for the 3,465-yen (US$31.50) wallet can be placed here.

On the other hand, if you’re more smitten with Ponkichi’s all-puppy 500-yen Shiba design, it’s still available both in its original subdued color palette and also in a new bright pink version that really helps the illustrated cherry blossoms pop.

This special springtime variant is being offered exclusively through JP Post, Japan’s postal service. That may seem like an odd team-up, but Japan’s postal savings system means that post offices also sometimes function sort of like regional banks, and besides, what company wouldn’t be happy to partner with these pups?

In addition to the synthetic leather wallet and key chain above, the pink 500-yen Shiba design is also offered online here as a train pass case and zippered coin purse, with their prices ranging from 814 to 3,476 yen.

With Tokyo’s real-life cherry blossom parties possibly on hiatus this year, it’s nice to at least see these Shiba being able to enjoy the sakura.

Source: FurBaby Space Factory, JP Post via IT Media
Top image: JP Post
Insert images: FurBaby Space Factory, JP Post
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