Once you’ve seen it, you won’t be able to unsee it ever again…

While international fast food giants like McDonald’s and KFC have their place in Japan, for many here, the love is strong for a home-grown burger chain called Mos Burger.

Founded in 1972, Mos Burger is known for supporting local farmers by incorporating home-grown ingredients into their meals, and they’re also famous for their special “Tobikiri” burgers, which contain oversized patties made with a blend of domestically sourced ground pork and beef.

The Tobikiri burgers come in a range of varieties, with their jumbo patties — fifty percent larger than their regular patties — spilling over enticingly from the middle of two soft buns. And while it sounds tasty in print, it looks even tastier in photos, as this poster ad for the series shows.

On the left of the image above is the Tobikiri Cheese, which showcases the delicious taste of Gouda cheese from Hokkaido. On the right is the Tobikiri Wafu Sauce, which places the focus on the “Wafu” (“Japanese style”) sauce made with soybeans and soy sauce. At the bottom is the Tobikiri Tomato and Lettuce, which adds some tasty veggies to the meat feast.

The trio of burgers in the image above looks absolutely delicious, but it also kinda looks like…there’s something…we can’t quite put our finger on…

▼ Oh, that’s right – it looks like a Furby.


Twitter user @RaichNvMt shared an image of the poster ad on Twitter, lined up side by side with a Furby, the highly sought after talking toy from the ’90s, with the message:

“This is all I can see when I look at the Mos menu.”

Thousands of people online agreed, sending the tweet viral with over 301,000 likes and comments like:

“Omg what a blast from the past! I loved my Furby!”
“This made me laugh out loud now just now.”
“It’s perfect – now it’s all I can see too!”
“Is it wrong that I now feel tempted to eat a Furby?”
“I go to Mos all the time – can’t believe I never made the connection before!”

While tobikiri means “extra fine” or “exceptional”, it also sounds a bit like tobidasu, which means “to jump out”, which gave one Twitter user an idea for a different type of poster called “Tobidasu Furby“…

Fast food chains in Japan are no stranger to clever marketing campaigns, so while the similarities between the burgers and the furry toy look like a pure coincidence, we’re not entirely ruling out the possibility that there was some subliminal intent at play here. After all, this is the country where McDonald’s created an “Adult Cream Pie” that was also said to be purely innocent, but still had us all in a tizz with its salacious allure at the same time!

Source: Twitter/RaichNvMt
Featured image: Flickr/Gilgongo
Insert image: Mos Food Services Inc.

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