Sounds like they were soft on cybersecurity, but seriously, folks… 

On 13 March, Japan’s leading adult video producer Soft On Demand announced that it would offer 200 of its titles free of charge until the end of the month to assist those isolating themselves in pleasuring themselves. It was a touching gesture that resulted in many of its users making touching gestures.

The response was so huge that it caused the site to go down in its early days, but that was only the beginning of SOD’s troubles.

In order to take advantage of this offer, one would have to register with SOD and provide personal information along with a credit card number to verify the user’s age. However…

▼ “When the SOD server went down a bug occurred that lets you log into other people’s accounts and check out who else is horny out there. There’s also credit card information so let’s keep it on the DL.”

J-Cast News spoke with an SOD rep who said that the problem did exist and they are investigating it, but were not clear what was causing it. The website was shut down on the 18th until further notice to prevent further leakage.

SOD confirmed that because of the bug it was possible to view other users’ account names, email addresses, and viewing histories. The user information would be randomly switched every time the cache was deleted and the page was refreshed.

This also revealed credit card information and passwords, but SOD says that information was encoded and not at risk. Still, many users were left very unhappy.

▼ “The credit card stopped for the time being, but the problem where you can see other users’ names and emails is continuing. I can’t unsubscribe online either. This is really the worst.”

Luckily, SOD’s altruistic online project didn’t turn into a full-scale random credit card number generator, but having one’s viewing history floating around the net freely is still hugely discomforting. I know I wouldn’t like it if everyone knew I watched Unscrupulous Swimming Club 45 the other day.

Hey! Look at what these people are saying about all this:

“This is terrible news.”
“It was better when the site was just crashed.”
“I guess nothing really is free in this world.”
“Oh so it’s working now? I still haven’t seen the lineup.”
“In an age where huge amounts of porn is freely available online, it has to be only middle-aged men and up being affected by this.”
“Boy, I’m glad I never signed up for this.”
“I feel like this is all just one big social experiment.”
“I live in a constant state of fear now.”

And so, for many people, this campaign was hugely exciting in the beginning, building up to an enormous climax, only to leave everyone feeling slightly regretful and hungry for a snack immediately afterward. In that way, it could be said that this whole ordeal was the ultimate porn-viewing experience.

Source: J-Cast News, Twitter/@pikkapikapikka, Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
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