They say it’s good for the immune system.

Staying at home is fast becoming the global pastime, and for many the limits of four walls can make for a stressful time. And sometimes that stress can just keep building and building, pushing harder and harder and faster and faster until you’re just ready to burst.

To aid in this, Japanese adult video producer Soft On Demand (SOD) is sending out emergency rations in the form of 200 titles that can be viewed completely free of charge from 13 March until 31 March.

Purely in the spirit of information gathering and analysis, I decided to check out the special website SOD had erected to provide these free films. However…

▼ Well this isn’t sexy at all.

At the time of writing, it appears a larger number of people have decided to take SOD up on their offer than expected, and they flooded the site to the point of crashing. This is severely disappointing… you know, for my job and stuff.

Anyway, according to reports the way to accesses these videos is to first register as an SOD member. Once complete, 200 select titles can be purchased for 0 yen (US$0).

Also, the first 200 members who “purchase” a free title will receive an SOD Basara, which is a masturbation aid much like a Tenga, but deceptively designed to look like a regular plastic drink bottle.

However, judging by the crashed website, that ship has already sailed. It’s still an extremely generous offer by the erotic industry leader though. Readers of the news were also deeply touched in a very special place by these sensitive moves of SOD.

“Tissues are going to sell out now.”
“SOD is amazing.”
“It’s the spread of the Ero-navirus now.”
“Porn will save the world.”
“Sex drive is stronger than the coronavirus.”
“Argh, it’s too crowded and crashed!”
“I hope they have gay stuff too.”
“I wonder if the new Sauna Lady is a part of it.”
“I can use it while teleworking!”

This is but the latest in free digital offerings for housebound people in Japan, but sadly the demand for high-quality on-demand adult content appears far from satisfied. Perhaps other companies will be willing to pitch in during this terrible pandemic.

Until then I vow that I shall continue to try and access SOD’s free site and not rest until I’ve uncovered the truth about this free campaign and learn all the details. Then, about five minutes afterward, I’ll probably take a nap.

Source: Soft on Demand Free Campaign,, Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
Insert image: SoraNews24
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