Vermont Curry and Tongari Corn join forces for a very tasty collaboration.

When people think of Japanese curry, the brand that springs to mind for many is Vermont, the country’s top-selling curry roux, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. When it comes to corn snacks, Tongari Corn is another long-selling brand beloved by many, which is also celebrating a milestone anniversary this year, its 45th.

Brands love to celebrate their birthdays by giving back to their customers, and these two brands are no different, combining forces to give us a surprise product we can’t wait to try — Vermont Curry Tongari Corn.

The collaboration is one that’s been years in the making, and it’s helped by the fact that both brands are produced by the same parent company, House. According to House, the new product was born from their desire to “deliver healthy smiles to a wide range of generations from children to adults”.

Both Tongari Corn and Vermont Curry have mild flavour profiles as they’re targeted towards families with children, making them perfect partners for this tie-up collaboration.

During the development process, however, there were hurdles to overcome in order to attain just the right balance between curry and snack, but after numerous trials, they were able to create the perfect blend of flavours, capturing the “sweet and savory taste of stewed vegetables” and “the mellow flavour unique to Vermont curry” in the snack.

▼ The new Tongari Corn contains the same distinct apple-honey curry blend as the famous roux pictured below.

The snack allows Vermont curry lovers to enjoy the flavour of their favourite roux in a crunchy new texture. We can’t wait to try it when it’s released, not only because it’ll be produced in limited numbers, but also because Japanese curry is one of our favourite things!

The Tongari Corn Vermont Curry Flavour will be sold in 68-gram (2.4-ounce) packs nationwide from 15 May, at a recommended retail price of 180 yen (US$1.33).

Source, images: PR Times
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