Or you’ll just make yourself hungry for natto and rice.

Where do you stand on the great natto debate? The sticky, chewy, smelly fermented soy beans are generally loved by Japanese people (and dogs, apparently), lauded as a super health food and a delicious way to start your morning, but travelers who visit Japan, especially from the U.S., and dare to try a taste of it generally cannot stand it.

If you happen to be a fan of natto, or you just like grossing out your American friends, then you’ll probably love the new train pass case from YOU+MORE, which has also brought us other humorous products like the ramen face towel and conch sea shell water bottle cover. Their latest release is designed to look like a bowl of natto on rice, complete with its sticky residue!

Doesn’t it look like a real natto rice bowl? The rice is white and fluffy, and the natto looks like you could eat it. The bowl itself looks nice, too, and it comes with a pair of chopsticks that are picking up a clump of natto, so it looks just like what you’d eat for breakfast! The rice is made with faux wool, which is what gives it that realistic, soft texture and appearance, and the natto portion is a carefully sewn print, which gives us a sense that it was very conscientiously designed.

It’s even got little slices of green onions included as a topping! Some people like green onions on their natto bowls and some don’t, but the fact that it’s included makes it very evident that whoever designed this product really loves natto.

But that not even the best part! The clip, which you can connect to your bag or purse, is attached to the chopsticks, which are connected to the rice bowl by three retractable strings, so that when you pull the case out to tap it onto the reader, it looks like little stretchy tendrils of natto stickiness!

The realism will make fans of natto hungry just looking at it, and make haters want to barf. If you’re a fan of natto, this will just make you smile every time you go through the ticket gates, even when your morning commute has got you down. And if you’re traveling with or working with someone who hates natto…seeing them shudder every time you use it will probably also brighten your day.

The pass cases sell for 2,310 yen (US$21) on YOU+MORE’s online shop, and natto fans will not want to miss out. By the way, YOU+MORE is owned by Felissimo, which has also brought us numerous other cool and cute items that we love, so you know you’re getting a great product if you order one.

Source, images: YOU+MORE
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