Because there’s nothing more refreshing than patting your face dry with a bowl of ramen. 

Japanese brand Felissimo has been making us laugh for years now with the creative offerings being sold under their You+More label, which takes its name from the English word “humour”.

After smiling at their Smiling Seal Blanket Cushions and gushing over their transforming penguin plushies, the brand is now catering to our ravenous appetite for ramen with a new lineup of towels that look like…bowls of noodles.

There are three designs to choose from, covering soba


▼ And ramen.

The towels will certainly spruce up any room in which they’re placed, whether it be the guest room, kitchen or bathroom.

However, these towels are meant to make you laugh, so why not share the laughter with others by taking them outdoors with you when you’re eating your favourite bowl of noodles?

As always, these You+More products are well designed, with a lot of thought going into their creation, right down to the noodle-decorated fabric that connects them.

It’s not uncommon for people in Japan to walk around with towels around their shoulders to wipe away sweat during the hot and humid months, and these noodle towels fit perfectly around the neck for ease of use.

Made from 100-percent cotton, each noodle towel can be purchased online for 1,705 yen (US$15.66).

Whether you choose to use the towel to wipe away beads of sweat while eating your favourite bowl of noodles or to add some spice to your daily face-washing routine, these towels make a fun gift for yourself or for diehard noodle-loving friends.

And if you’re craving an actual bowl of noodles, one person who’ll probably be sporting a noodle towel soon is this idol singer who recently left the showbiz industry to open a ramen restaurant in Tokyo.

Source: PR Times
Images: Felissimo
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