Which warrior faction do you belong to?

McDonald’s Japan has been surprising our taste buds over the years with exclusive, limited-time menu items ranging from Sakura McFizzes through to adult cream pies. Now, the fast food giant has announced they’ll be bringing out two very Japanese-style beef burgers for a very limited period, and these ones encapsulate the flavour and spirit of the samurai warrior.

Called the Samurai Mac, the new burger comes in two varieties, both featuring “the taste of Japan” and each representing a different samurai faction.

▼ Do you lean towards the “Wild Faction” on the left or the “Self Indulgent Faction” on the right?

The Wild Faction burger has been named the Roasted Soy Sauce Style Double Thick Beef, and it consists of two thick and juicy 100-percent beef patties, two slices of rich cheddar cheese, and a crisp sliced ​​onion, sandwiched in a bun topped with poppy seeds.

Those belonging to the Self Indulgent Faction can enjoy the Roasted Soy Sauce Style Bacon Tomato Thick Beef, which contains a thick 100-percent beef patty and smoked bacon, along with fresh tomatoes, crunchy lettuce, sliced ​​onions and white cheddar cheese.

Both burgers contain a savoury roasted soy sauce-style sauce as their star ingredient, which gives them a Japanese punch while providing a rich onion sweetness with a hint of garlic to enhance the taste of the meat.

The extra thick meat patties and specially created buns are designed to provide customers with “a voluminous feeling of thickness that adults will be satisfied with”.

▼ Actor Masato Sakai, who’s played samurai characters in a number of TV shows in the past, has been appointed as the campaign ambassador for the new release.

The Samurai Mac burgers will retail for 490 yen (US$4.54) each, and will be on the menu from 8 April until mid-May.

Source: McDonald’s Japan
Featured image: McDonald’s Japan
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