Nadaman’s new YouTube channel shows us the ins and outs of traditional Japanese cooking. 

Japan has a wide array of traditional foods, from cheap foods like beef bowls to luxury meals of sushi and sashimi. But some of the best food that you can find in Japan is kaiseki ryori, which is made up of fresh, seasonal, meticulously designed dishes, often of seafood, served over multiple courses. One of the most famous restaurants in Japan for that is Nadaman.

Nadaman, founded in 1830, is a historical restaurant that serves traditional Japanese food with a modern flair, and it is well-loved by food connoisseurs throughout the country. Sadly, though, with things as they are currently, all of Nadaman’s restaurants are closed until at least May 6. So what’s a person to do if they want a delicious traditional Japanese meal?

Well, make it at home, of course! Nadaman has a created a YouTube channel as part of a special celebration for the 190th anniversary of the restaurant’s founding, which will include videos about nadaman’s cooking, recipes, and restaurants.

The channel, which is called ‘Japanese Restaurant “Nadaman”‘, just launched on April 12, and its first video (shared above) is a recipe for “Sakura shrimp rice cooked in a clay pot”. It’s a calming video that plays classical music as a Nadaman chef shows you each step of the recipe, from washing the ingredients to the final product. And though the video is only in Japanese, the description has everything written down in English, so you can try it even if you can’t speak Japanese.

There are currently only two videos on the channel–the other is “How to cook tasty rice”–, but Nadaman plans to add more videos between now and December that cover one of three categories: recipes, cooking techniques used by Nadaman chefs, and videos about the omotenashi, or Japanese way of providing excellent service, of their main restaurant Sazanka-so, which is near the Tokyo Imperial Palace.

The videos will all feature 10 different head chefs of Nadaman’s restaurants, and the recipes will include original dishes created by the chefs themselves as well as traditional Nadaman menu items. There seems to be lots to look forward to in the coming months, so if you consider yourself a chef and/or love Japanese food, you’ll want to subscribe to the channel!

If some of the ingredients included in Nadaman’s recipes are inaccessible for you, because they tend to use seasonal ingredients local to Japan in their dishes, don’t worry. Japanese actor Hiro Mizushima also has an easy-to-follow channel about Japanese home cooking, which has recipes with ingredients that are easier to find, so you’ll be set for Japanese food until the stay-at-home recommendations are lifted!

Source: YouTube/Japanese Restaurant “Nadaman”. via Japaaan, Nadaman
Top image: YouTube/Japanese Restaurant “Nadaman”.
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