Get in the damn Tamagotchi?

The thing that made Evangelion Evangelion was its unflinching look at how being an adolescent robot pilot fighting to save humanity wouldn’t be as much fun as other anime made it out to be. Rather than the thrill of an exciting adventure, a teenager’s soul would be strained to the breaking point by having to fight giant monsters from outer space week after week.

But what if instead of having to fight those aliens, you just needed to give them some loving care? That wouldn’t be so bad, which is why there’s now a line of brand-new Evangelion Tamagotchis.

Available in the image colors of the series’ core cast of mecha pilots (Shinji, Asuka, and Rei), the Evatchis, as they’re officially called, have a few tweaks on the standard Tamagotchi play mechanics.

You start with a fetus, which develops into a cocoon, and from there into one of more than 20 types of Angel, as the anime’s invading extraterrestrials are called, all of whom are rendered in the classic Tamagotchi aesthetic.

▼ Doesn’t Sachiel look adorable?

Instead of pet food, you’ll need to keep your little Angel nourished by supplying it with energy from S2 Engines (which are themselves other Angel’s internal organs, but don’t worry about the cannibalism). You’ll also want to periodically replace the creature’s virtual LCL fluid and play mini games with it, like one where you dodge the Spear of Longinus as it’s thrown about.

▼ The differences between the three models of Evatchi are strictly cosmetic, as they all offer the same gameplay.

It’s important to keep your Angel happy and entertained, because if you neglect it, it’ll close off its heart to you and create an AT Field barrier that you’ll need to break through.

▼ Poor Sachiel just wanted to spend more time with you.

And while most playthroughs will have you taking care of an Angel, manufacturer Bandai is also promising the occasional chance to raise some of the series’ human characters as well.

The Evatchi officially goes on sale July 13, priced at 2,530 yen (US$23.60). Bandai recommends it for users age 6 and up, but we feel like they should come with some sort of reminder that the Eva anime itself is for a significantly older audience.

Source, images: Evatchi official website
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