Hide your home while showing your love for Pokémon.

As the mascot of both the Pokémon anime and video game franchises, Pikachu has spent the last few decades providing entertainment to fans around the globe. That doesn’t mean that the famous Pocket Monster is all-play and no-work, though. We’ve seen Pikachu put on a suit and tie when it’s time to go to the office, and now he’s here to help out all of us who are working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

While there’s a lot to like about telecommuting, the downside is that every video conference is a potential showcase of your unvacuumed living room, underground casino, or any other part of your home you’d rather keep private from your boss, coworkers, or clients. The solution to this problem is a video chat background image, and the latest company to offer a few is Original Stitch, makers of the Pokémon Shirts dress shirt line.

▼ Pikachu background

Oh, wait, did we say “a few?” We meant “251,” since Original Stitch is offering free downloads of background for not only all of the Generation 1 Pokémon species, but the Generation 2 ones as well, who were just added to the dress shirt line.

▼ The backgrounds for original starters Bulbasaur

▼ …Charmander

▼ …and Squirtle.

The patterns match those on the fabric choices for Original Stitch’s shirts, which means they’re more stylized and visually balanced than a random piece of anime key art.




And while there’s no mistaking, say, Magikarp

…some of the backgrounds’ Pokémon salutes are subtle enough to fly under the radar of non-fans, like Abra

…or Dugtrio.

Mew’s background shows the ultra-rare Pokémon only in silhouette.

Some of the backgrounds even show different types of Pocket Monsters hanging out together, like when Pikachu surfs the waves where Gyarados swims…

Psyduck and Slowbro relax on the sand under the shade of an Alolan Exeggutors…

…and Cleffa frolics among some Staryus.

Don’t’ be fooled on this next one, though. Sure, to the untrained eye, it might look like it’s showing multiple species, but they’re actually all Ditto!

▼ A special shout out to the extra-adorable Furret

▼ …and Chansey backgrounds.

All 251 patterns are available for download here on the official Pokémon Shirts website.

▼ Click the yellow ダウンロードする (download) button on the left, under カントー地方, for the Kanto Pokémon backgrounds, and the one on the right, under ジョウト, for the Johto region ones.

Of course, if you need something to wear during your video conference, a Pokémon dress shirt should make for a nice pairing, and if you’re taking advantage of telecommuting to sit in on a meeting while going super casual below the waist, you probably could still use a pair of Pokémon boxers.

Images: Pokémon Shirts official website
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