Sweet rusk cookies in an adorable Pokémon design? Take our money already! 

Century-old Japanese confectioner GATEAU FESTA HARADA are known for their specialty Gouter de Roi rusk biscuits, which they began selling 20 years ago. Happily for us, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the popular treat, they’re offering the rusk cookies in special Pokémon packaging.

Sure, this isn’t the first or last time the Pokémon franchise is literally turning sweet, but the result is still delightful as ever!

The Pokémon Gouter de Roi rusks are available in five different designs.

● Gouter de Roi Pokémon Design: Pikachu/ Mini-size (712 yen [US$6.70])

You can get the Pikachu version in a mini-size can containing six packages of two rusks each.

● Gouter de Roi Pokémon Design: Eevee / Mini-size (712 yen)

Here’s the Eevee design, which also comes in a mini-size can.

● Gouter de Roi Pokémon Design: Jigglypuff / Small-size (1,782 yen)

The Jigglypuff design is available in a small-size can that holds 18 packages of two rusks each.

● Gouter de Roi Pokémon Design: Mimikyu / Medium-size (2,376 yen)

The Mimikyu rusk comes in a slightly larger, medium-sized can containing 26 packages of two rusks each.

● Gouter de Roi Pokémon Design: Snorlax / Large-size (3,564 yen)

And lastly, the Snorlax design comes in a large-sized can filled with 40 packages of two rusks each.

They look lovely, don’t they? We have to say, a can of tasty sweets decorated with your favorite Pokémon is pretty hard to beat.

What’s even better, each product comes wrapped in a special paper printed with the corresponding Pokémon. Here’s what the Pikachu wrapping looks like:

You can also get the rusk with a special Pokémon noshi gift covering paper attached while supplies last. Noshi paper is traditionally placed over the front of a wrapped gift, and this is their Pokémon version of noshi:

And if that’s still not enough Pokémon for you, you can also get a collaborative tote bag (3,300 yen) as well. The bag, measuring 26 centimeters long x 12 centimeters wide and 23 centimeters high (10.2 inches x 4.7 inches x 9 inches), is created in a design similar to GATEAU FESTA HARADA’s usual white paper bag, but has Pikachu printed on one side and Eevee on the other.

The rusk items are now available for pre-order through their online shop and will also be on sale at GATEAU FESTA HARADA stores from June 1. The tote bags are sold in-store only at two locations, the Chateau du Bonheur and the Nakayamado Chateau de l’aube stores, both in Gunma Prefecture, while they are currently sold out on the online shop but expected to be restocked.

One thing’s for sure — whether it’s in edible form or as a design on official documentation for couples tying the knot, we’re all for Pokémon adding sweetness to our lives!

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Top image: GATEAU FESTA HARADA  online shop
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