Rep your love of fashion and your love of Pokémon at the same time!

Samantha Vega is a designer brand that we can get behind. Not only have they released numerous instalments of beautiful Sailor Moon purses, they’re now teaming up with Pokémon in a new line of handbags and accessories featuring some of everyone’s favorite Pocket Monsters!

This new special collection features two of the most iconic Pokémon, Eevee and Pikachu, along with the ghost Pokémon Gengar and the sleepy giant Snorlax. All of them are prominently displayed on their respective bags, so you can proudly show off your favorite.

▼ Pikachu shoulder bag (15,800 yen/US$147.74)

There are also bags that feature different motifs of the popular anime and video game franchise, like the Pokéball and Pikachu’s tail. In fact, there’s a whole selection of Team Rocket motif bags and accessories, which we can’t help but think that Team Rocket’s Jessie would totally wear.

▼ Pokéball shoulder bag (15,800 yen)

It’s a collection full of cute, cheerful designs

▼ Eevee shoulder bag (15,800 yen)

As well as sophisticated elegance.

▼ Clear Art Bag with Gengar slip (15,800 yen)

They’ll also be selling Pokémon-decorated accessories like wallets, key-chains, and iPhone cases, as well as T-shirts, so you can have a new purse and lots of things to fill it up with, too!

▼ iPhone 11/iPhone 11 Pro covers (7,800 yen)

Shopping the Samanatha Vega Pokémon collection comes with additional benefits. For one, everyone who makes a purchase will be able to take it home in a limited edition shopping bag to show off their new goods.

And if you spend more than 15,000 yen in a single purchase, which is just under the cost of most of their handbags, you’ll also receive a special limited edition tote bag to take home for free.

They will also be selling a special female-form Pikachu backpack for 15,800 yen at Samantha Vega’s pop-up shops. The first will be a digital pop-up shop outside of Tokyo Metro Meiji-Jingumae Harajuku Station on July 9, and after that, a physical pop-up shop will appear at the Hankyu Umeda Store in Osaka between August 12 and August 18. There are very limited quantities of this backpack, so if you like it, you’ll want to snatch one up when it’s available near you!

Both pop-up shop locations will be overtaken by Pokémon decorations on those dates too, so be sure to look out for them if you’re a Pokémon fan. Meanwhile, the Samantha Vega x Pokémon collection is already available for pre-order through Samantha Vega’s official online shop, and will be sold in Samantha Vega stores around Japan starting on July 15. Don’t miss out if you’re a fan of either brand!

Source: @press
Top image: Samantha Vega
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