Being in elementary school, Sakura Kinomoto, heroine of magical girl anime and manga franchise Cardcaptor Sakura, can cram everything she needs for the day into her randoseru, the boxy backpack kids across Japan start wearing when they enter first grade. But assuming you’re not a primary school student (or Hollywood actress Zooey Deschanel), odds are you want something a bit more mature to hold your belongings.

That doesn’t mean you have to give up on sporting some Sakura style, though, as two new Cardcaptor Sakura handbags are being offered from anime fashion company Super Groupies.

Like any proper magical girl, Sakura appears in a multitude of costumes during her adventures. The first of Super Groupies’ new purses draws its inspiration from Sakura’s uniform at Tomoeda Elementary School.



Along the edges of the synthetic leather bag you’ll find pockets with detailing resembling Tomoeda’s sailor scarves, which themselves are evocative of the petals of the cherry blossom, or sakura, as they’re called in Japanese. You’ll also notice the Tomoeda crest on one side of the bag, and an interior lining patterned with Sakura’s face and two of the series’ adorable familiars.


And just to prove this is a bag for grownups, Super Groupies wants customers to know that A4-sized papers, the standard size for business documents in Japan, will fit inside just fine.



The other Cardcaptor Sakura bag pays homage to Sakura’s cat-eared battle costume, and is made from synthetic leather and polyester.



While your eyes may first be drawn to the detachable bow, look closer and you’ll see that the bag does indeed have two cute little black cat ears along its upper corners.


▼ The lining is identical to that used in the Tomoeda Elementary bag.


▼ As this model shows, the bags go great with a pair of Cardcaptor Sakura shoes.


Both bags are priced at 12,000 yen (US$96), and can be ordered between now and July 5 directly from Super Groupies (Tomoeda Elementary bag here, cat-eared bag here). Delivery is scheduled for the end of September.

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