Plus five-second abs for guys!

Fashion models tend to have attractive physiques, and so when browsing the T-shirt selection from Japanese clothing brand ekoD Works it’s not a shock that several of them appear to be being by a slender, busty woman. For example, take a look at the photo for the Illusion Grid T-shirt design.

Less amply endowed, but arguably a bit bolder still, is the model wearing the Drop tee, which has a cleavage cut-out.

But wait, isn’t “Illusion Grid” kind of a strange name for a T-shirt design? Sure, the “Grid” part is easy to understand, but why “Illusion?”

To solve the mystery, you’ve got to look at things from a different angle…about 90 degrees to the side.

Both the Illusion Grid and Drop shirts are part of ekoD Works’ Delusion Mapping series, which relies on optical illusions, visual trickery, and man’s innate desire to look at boobs to create the appearance of a large bust regardless of how curvy or flat the wearer’s actual chest is. Since its initial plain-white release, the Illusion Grid lineup has been expanded to include the Black and Night Blue options seen here, while Drop is offered only in white.

For those hoping to earn not just double-takes, but triple-takes with their wardrobe, the short-sleeved Drop is available in men’s sizes as well.

▼ There’s also a long-sleeved Drop, which lets you keep both your arms and chest warm.

But what if you want to rely on the power of Illusion Mapping to give yourself a more masculine torso? Once again, ekoD Works has you covered, with its Faintly Visible Abs shirt, which also provides perceivable pecs.

Once again, though, these “muscles” are purely for show.

Prices range from 3,300 yen (US$32) for the Illusion Grid to 4,400 yen for the long-sleeved Drop, with the short-sleeve Drop and ab shirt both priced at 3,960 yen. Orders can be placed here through ekoD Works online shop, and if you’re instead looking for something to remind people that your eyes are up here, thank you very much, the company is currently working on making anime’s impossible floating glasses something you can wear in real life.

Source: ekoD Works via Hachima Kiko
Top image: ekoD Works
Insert images: ekoD Works (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
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