Rintanuno’s greatest desire is revealed and caught on camera while he’s sleeping.

Many people believe that dreaming is a way for us to process complex yet indistinct emotions and experiences. Life and interpersonal interaction are just too multi-faceted for us to fully understand them during our waking hours, and so our subconscious takes a turn at it once we fall asleep.

But it’s not just humans who dream, but animals too. For example, during a recent snooze Rintanuno, a Djungarian hamster owned by Japanese Twitter user @hampara_rinta, had a particularly vivid dream, and it’s pretty easy to see from the video that he was having intense visions of one of his greatest desires

…to be eating a whole bunch of sunflower seeds.

While there’s obviously no way to ask the furry little guy directly, it’s pretty easy to determine what he’s dreaming about from the way he’s making non-stop chewing motions while raising his paws towards his mouth. “I wanted you all to see this video of my hamster dreaming of eating sunflower seeds,” tweeted @hampara_rinta with the video, though sadly for Rintanuno, though, a dream is just a dream, and he looks both startled as disappointed as he wakes up to discover he is, in fact, not holding any tasty snacks.

▼ Ahh, dude, no way!

Still, Rintanuno’s unconscious performance has been bringing smiles to other Twitter users, who’ve watched his video nearly 900,000 time while leaving comments like:

“It looks like he’s trying to peel the shells with his paws.”
“With his paws up like that, he’s making sure not to drop a single bite.”
“Such good table manners.”
“That’s a guy who really likes his sunflower seeds.”
“Eat up, little buddy!”

@hampara_rinta actually has two hamsters, the other a Campbell’s hamster named Sukopo. Though the sunflower dream video gets extra cuteness points for the speed with which Rintanuno is trying to eat his imaginary treats, other videos from @hampara_rinta show the pair is just as cute in slow motion.

And if you want to see even more of Rintanuno and Sukopo, @hampara_rinta also runs the Hamster Paradise YouTube channel here.

Because while they may not get as much time in the spotlight as their feline or canine counterparts, you should never underestimate the online hamster community’s capacity for cuteness.

Source: Twitter/@hampara_rinta via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@hampara_rinta
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