Show off your love of Pikachu with a sporty watch!

Casio’s casual watch line, Baby-G, has been making not only functional but stylish watches featuring all of our favorite things, including Kiki’s Delivery Service and Sailor Moon. This line of sporty watches is now celebrating its 25th anniversary, and who better to celebrate with than the ever-popular Pokémon who happens to occupy the 25th spot in the Pokédex, Pikachu?

Baby-G and Pokémon will be releasing their new Pikachu-inspired watch on November 8, and it is designed to look stylish and cool while representing the essence of Pokémon. The color of the band is black, and neon-colored, 8-bit electric bolts and Pokéballs are dotted all over it. On the keeper, which holds the loose part of the band in place, the number “0:25” is written, to commemorate the special collaboration.

The watch face is designed much more simply in solid black, but those who grew up playing the original Game Boy games will recognize the frame around the digital display, which looks like the border of the menus of the first Pokémon and games. That gives it a distinctive ’90s feel that many will love. Plus, the Pokémon logo is also proudly displayed at the top.

But that’s not all of the Pokémon homage; the screen displays an 8-bit Pikachu when the backlight is turned on, and the stainless steel back of the watch has the Pikachu’s backside engraved on it.

Of course, it’s not only stylish but also has the full capabilities of other Baby-G watches, including water and shock resistance, a stopwatch, calendar, time zones, and many other useful features. It will retail for 13,000 yen in Japan and $110 in the U.S., and will be available wherever Baby-G watches are sold. If you’re kind enough to not keep this cool watch to yourself and are planning to give it to someone else, it also comes in a sweet Pokéball case and a gift box that matches the watch’s design, so you won’t even have to worry about wrapping it.

So make sure you get one to complement your full outfit of Pokémon gear, like your Pikachu backpack, Pokédex phone case, Pokémon t-shirt form Uniqlo, and Pokémon jewelry. You wouldn’t want anyone to doubt your loyalty!

And don’t forget that the newest Pokémon games, Pokémon Sword and Shield, will be out on November 15!

Source, images: Baby-G Press Release
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