I mean, we love Transformers as much as the next guy… but why does this exist?!

There are a lot of weird products out there, and let’s be honest, a lot of them come from Asia. The Daiso is a major source, but you can find bizarre and even useless things like spinning Disco Santas and the Plastic Bottle Bottom Cap from all kinds of stores (I’m looking at you, Wish!).

Today’s weird and wonderful product is something truly special: a kid’s digital watch featuring Elsa and Olaf from the popular Disney movie Frozen. “Psh, that’s not very interesting,” you scoff. Oh, but it is. Because this watch transforms into a weird, pink-and-white Elsa robot.

Twitter user @EXCEL__ shared the transforming Frozen watch on their Twitter page, and Japanese netizens quickly became obsessed. Look how it changes from a watch…

To a sprawling figure…

To a sturdy-looking robot with tiny, tiny hands!

Putting aside the fact that pink and white aren’t even Elsa’s colors, what’s most shocking about this watch is the head of this transforming watch. It’s just so…itty-bitty!

Why is it so small?

And…is that supposed to be Elsa? Oh…dear…

▼ The yellow corneas almost make it a thing of nightmares…

It’s a cool concept that would work with tons of other franchises–Gundam, for example, or–what’s that one popular toy series called that was also made into a cartoon and a series of movies? Oh yeah, Transformers. But Frozen has literally nothing to do with robots, and Elsa is not, in fact, a Transformer.

▼ Or is she?!

There’s also this variation on the idea, perhaps made by a different company, that features Elsa in a robot costume that, frankly, looks eerily like a certain character’s costume from another Disney movie, Big Hero 6. Strangely, when taking on its final form, this one looks even more Transformer-like, with a head that, albeit still too small for its body, at least looks like it belongs on that body.

▼ In some confusing way, this one does feel like it’s more…appropriate? Don’t ask me how.

Of course, these watches are so bizarre and funny that tens of thousands of netizens couldn’t help but like and retweet it, with comments ranging from confusion, to amusement, to admiration.

“Wait, was the movie about Elsa fusing with a robot to become a character [from the old anime] Space Ironmen Kyodyne, and exterminating Hans’ country?”
“For what purpose does it transform?”
“Oohh, so Elsa was a transforming robot. I get it.”
“*clatter* *bang* *clang* Let it go!!”
“*robot voice* The cold never bothered me anyway”
“The head coming out last created quite a shock lol”

Though it’s unclear where @EXCEL__’s watch came from, this second watch appears to be one of the “Hero Watch” series, which includes other watches that transform into robots while featuring various popular characters, like Batman, Captain America, and Cartoon Network’s Ben 10.

▼ …who looks kind of like the Hulk.

Though a cursory search on Amazon US and Amazon Japan did not yield any results for these astoundingly weird but also kind of cool–in a funny way–toy watches, one netizen helpfully found the Frozen “Hero Watch” on Amazon India, where it sells for 318 rupees (US$4.47 or 491 yen). So if you know a child who loves both Transformers and Frozen, and you’re willing to spend more on shipping than the actual product, then this would make a great gift!

If you need something a little more closer to home, however, why not take them to one of the cafes serving Frozen II-inspired meals instead? They’ll be around until February 2 at the latest, so don’t wait!

Source: Twitter/@EXCEL__ via Hachima Kiko
Images: Twitter/@EXCEL__

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