Gucci releases a new Japan-exclusive Grip watch with “Gucci” written on the face in katakana

It’s a simple style inspired by the world of skateboarding, with an unusual touch meant only for Japanese consumers. 

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Red Bull unveils new Japan-exclusive grape flavor

Red Bull has long been the official drink of all things EXTREME!™

But, if you’re anything like us, you’ve occasionally found yourself in the middle of a sick skydiving 360-degree kickflip while firing an assault rifle and been underwhelmed by the ability of the chemical, vaguely fruit-like taste of standard Red Bull to whet your whistle.

“If only there was grape-flavored Red Bull so I could be EXTREME without compromising taste,” you maybe thought to yourself. Luckily, in Japan anyway, Red Bull’s got your covered.

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Ben & Jerry’s releases Japan-exclusive Lemont. Fuji, made with Japanese-sourced ingredients

Since coming to Japan, American ice cream outfit Ben & Jerry’s has been slowly but surely building up its fanbase. But while its high quality ice cream tastes as good in Japan as it does in the company’s home country, the humor behind its pun-filled names for its signature flavors doesn’t always translate.

As such, we’re not sure how many people will get the joke about Ben & Jerry’s newest Japan-exclusive flavor, Lemont. Fuji, but once they get a look at the mouth-watering, Japanese-sourced ingredients, we’re sure plenty of them will want to try it.

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