Otaku aesthetics, improved acoustics.

Whether you call them wall scrolls, tapestries, or something else, if you’re a hard-core anime fan odds are you’ve bought at least one of the printed hanging cloth posters hawked at conventions and specialty stores. As a matter of fact, you might even have so many that they’re slowly taking over all of your wall space, and making you wonder whether it’s time to scale things back a little.

But if you’re looking for an objective reason to get yourself to go full otaku in your home’s interior design, Japanese Twitter user @idzuna_tan makes a pretty compelling argument with the following video, in which he shows that anime wall scrolls can make startling improvements to a room’s acoustics.


The video runs through four tests, starting with @idzuna_tan either clapping his hands or snapping his fingers. Test number two is clacking away on a keyboard, three is using a nail clipper, and four is the sound of a TV/PC speaker.

For each sound source, @idzuna_tan performs three iterations, starting with the room in regular, unaltered form. Then he adds sound-absorbing material to the ceiling, which makes things sound a little better. But the big improvement comes with the third configuration, where he supplements the ceiling improvement with roughly two dozen anime girl wall scrolls.

The collective cloth of all those scrolls dramatically cuts down on the amount of echo in the room, producing a sound that’s at once softer but clearer too. It really seems like a win-win situation, especially when you consider the wide overlap between people who own a lot of wall scrolls and people who spend a lot of time watching videos, playing video games, or otherwise streaming sound out of their home speaker set-ups. Less volume means less noise for housemates or neighbors who don’t share your taste in entertainment, and less echo makes it easier to understand and enjoy whatever it is you’re actively trying to listen to.

Oh, and while @idzuna_tan tweets that the video is a display of “the practicality of sexy wall scrolls,” it should work just as well regardless of how risque the artwork is.

Source: Twitter/@idzuna_tan via Otakomu
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