Tokyo hair salon offers free cuts to anime fans whose 2-D crush fell in love with someone else

Start the next chapter of your love life, real-world or otherwise, with a new hairdo from the Heartbreak Salon.

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Is Chinese hairstylist who shaved triangle into customer’s head the best or worst in the world?

Be careful what you ask for.

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Raccoon gets a summer haircut that makes the Internet go wild【Photos】

It’s a parent’s prerogative to do adorable things to their babies and fur babies.

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Pepper the robot suggests what haircut is best for you at Japanese barber shops【Video】

“You know that robot with the bald white head?” “Don’t worry, I got you, fam.”

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Japanese government recognizes equal salon rights, men now “permitted” to get haircuts in them

A huge victory in the metrosexual rights movement was made last week when the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare decided to abolish a guideline which stated that “men should not be able to get haircuts at beauty salons.”

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What? Never seen a dog with a perfectly round or square face before? 【Pics】

Trends come and go, and that applies to almost everything from fashion to food to makeup, and of course, hairstyles. People who don’t own pets might not know, but apparently, there are trends for doggy haircuts as well.

Some “trendy” dog owners and pet groomers in Taiwan have taken to giving their dogs very shapely haircuts so that they look different from the rest. These doggy haircuts are so impeccably done, they’re literally in shape.

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