Marugoto fruit cake series is designed to appeal to all five of your senses.

Over the past few months, we’ve repeatedly had our eyes caught and our appetites stimulated by Japanese fruit sandwiches, elegant-looking creations of cream and sliced fruit nestled between two pieces of bread. But just like there’s always room for dessert, there’s always room for another surprising and beautiful dessert delivery method, so here comes the Marugoto Melon Cake.

Marugoto is a Japanese word meaning “whole” or “entire,” and sure enough, the Marugoto Melon Cake is a cake that’s contained inside a full melon.

The creation of Japanese patissier Koki Kato, the Marugoto Melon Cake starts with a carefully selected musk melon, chosen for not just its flavor, but also its appearance and fragrance.

From the outside, the cake looks like an ordinary, if not delicious, fruit, but inside it’s stuffed with melon, strawberry, and alternating layers of mille-feuille-style cake and cream.

Kato’s goal was to create a dessert to excite all five senses. The sight and taste quotients are obvious, and the aroma of the musk melon as you slice the cake open takes care of your sense of smell. Touch and sound are a bit more abstract, but come from the sensation of slicing through the rind, followed by the surprised oohs and ahhs of everyone in the room when they see what’s inside.

▼ Koki Kato

The Marugoto Melon Cake isn’t the only trick Kato has up his sleeve/in his produce, as he’s also created a Marugoto Pineapple Cake, with coconut blancmange milk cream and raspberry gelatin, and a more compact Marugoto Orange Cake, which features chocolate and yogurt mousse fillings.

The debut of the pineapple and orange desserts will have to wait until their respective fruits come into season, but the Marugoto Melon Cake is being offered for sale online here. With musk melons being delicacies that command high prices in Japan, the cake isn’t particularly cheap, going for 8,900 yen (US$83), but for a special occasion dessert, it’s hard to find something more uniquely photogenic than this.

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